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She looked for Suga. He was talking and laughing with his friends. Jin and J-Hope caught sight of her. She stared at them puzzled. They quietly broke off from the group. She took a small step back, what did they want? J-Hope grabbed her arm and gently pulled her behind a set of lockers out of Suga's sight.

"I saw you the other day." Jin murmured. She flinched slightly when he spoke.

"If you wanted to know where we were going, you could have asked." J-Hope burst angrily, "Why would you sneak around?"

"Because Suga wouldn't tell me!" She whispered forcefully. J-Hope let go of her arm, and Jin took a step back.

"I see. Suga's such an idiot." Jin murmured.

"Always protecting. Sometimes protecting isn't the best thing, sometimes it's the worst thing." J-Hope put his head in his hands exasperated. They were silent for a moment. Suddenly he looked up and smiled.

"Jin. We should invite her today! Of course Suga won't know..." J-Hope trailed off mischievously.

"Yeah. That sounds good." Jin smiled.

"Meet us here after school." They turned and walked away.

"Ciao!" J-Hope waved. She released the breath she had been holding. She walked into her first period, trembling.

Suga didn't speak to her at all. She didn't want him to, she would stumble and stutter over her thoughts too much. She sat down at lunch.

"Are you feeling better?" Sumi asked quietly. She nodded mechanically. Eunsuh sat far away from her.

"Look! What are they doing?" Seungah pointed to Suga's table. They had stood and were walking out of the cafeteria.

"Don't forget." Jin murmured as he passed her.

"Forget what?" Misook asked her.

"I don't know." She whispered.

She wished she didn't know.

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