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"How about two days from now?" He asked as they walked home.

"Uh, I have music class then. My mom won't believe me. What's wrong with tomorrow?" She asked impatiently.

"Nothing, it's just I have something to do." He murmured vaguely.

"Well what is it?" She was getting more impatient and less curious by the second.

"Well Rapmon asked if I would hang out with them." He mumbled sheepishly.

"Well can't you cancel?" She tried to keep the annoyance out of her voice.

"Well, not really. Rapmon would be upset..." He trailed off uncertainly. She stopped, and turned to him.

"I though you weren't gonna let your friends control your life!" She yelled.

"I'm not! It's just he asked, and I don't want to let him down..." His voice went from a yell, to an uncertain murmur.

"Oh my god! What does he have over you? You are wrapped around his finger! Do you even know his real name?" She asked exasperated.

"No! He's never said anything, and I haven't asked!" He yelled.

"Thank you!" She yelled, and continued walking.

"That's not what I meant! We don't need to know his real name." He grabbed her shoulder and stopped her. She shrugged him off.

"I know your friends hate me! I see the way they look at me. I'm not blind you know. I get it! They'll look down on you if you cancel for measly old me! You can't have that! So it's fine! Go ahead." She waved him away and walked on."

Nari! Wait, they don't hate you!" He persuaded.

"Oh yes they do." She quickened her pace.

"You're being unreasonable! I'm just hanging out with my friends! I can't-I don't want to cancel. Geez! It's just one or two days delay!" He yelled after her.

"Two days! And maybe I am being unreasonable, but I am right. You can't and don't want to cancel because your afraid of what they'll think of you. I get it, I know that feeling, but I thought you knew the feeling of being dumped or forgotten for that reason. I thought you knew how s**tty that felt. I guess you don't remember, I'm sorry by the way." She opened the door to her house and looked at him one last time. He looked worried, tired, upset, and sorry. A wave of pity hit her as soon as she closed the door. She wanted to run out and hug him, but she had to make her point. She trudged upstairs. She hated it when his eyes, the eyes she loved so much, were full of anything but love and kindness and caring. A memory of his hard, hatred filled eyes flashed before her eyes. She shook her head, and shook it away. She went and sat on her window to calm herself. She would apologize tomorrow, if he wasn't being an ass.

She looked around for him in the morning. She found him, his friends were clustered around him. She hesitated as she walked by, usually he looked for her. Today he didn't even notice her. She walked by them dejectedly. She caught Jin's eye. He shook his head, he felt sorry for her. She used her last bit of dignity and held her chin up high and walked past them, like she hadn't seen them in the first place. She sat glumly through all her periods. Suga didn't even look at her. He seemed to be focusing on something in the distance, imagining something. She sighed as she ate lunch.

"You okay?" Eunsuh asked through a mouthful of food. She nodded.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"How's Suga?" Kyungja nudged her. She faked a laugh.

"He's fine."

"Eunsuh! Look, Chunhwa is going over to their table." Sumi shrilled. They all turned and watched. Jimin said a few things, and Chunhwa nodded shakily, before running out of the cafeteria.

"They broke up!" Misook nudged Eunsuh playfully. Eunsuh smiled girlishly."

They were never together anyways. He just wanted to hook up with her, so it probably wouldn't have been hard. I'd be careful, he might have an STD." She muttered. She projected her hatred towards all of them onto Jimin for the moment.

"Nari! Shut up." Kyungja hissed.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Eunsuh asked angrily.

"It means Chunhwa's a slut, and Jimin's horny. Just be careful." She shrugged.

"Nari!" Misook scolded.

"Well what about Suga huh? I bet he's hooked up with plenty of girls." Eunsuh yelled angrily. She laughed in her face

."Firstly, the girl probably got fed up with him before he even got to first base. Secondly I'm no where near as desperate as you are, so I wouldn't have that problem." She stood.

"Nari." Kyungja murmured.

"Hope you and Jimin have a good time. Remember, protection is the most important." She walked away angrily, leaving an open-mouthed Euhsuh in her wake. She knew she was being unfair, she just needed to release her anger, somehow, someway. Eunsuh just happened to be the first opportunity.

She just barely made it through the rest of the day without brutally murdering somebody. She stalked out of the school and couldn't wait to get home. Something caught her eye. Suga and his friends were clustered on the edge of the school. They were all patting his back and pepping him up. What were they doing? She stopped and watched them. Jungkook and J-Hope were happy and smiling, while Rapmon, V, and Jin looked somber and serious. Jimin was hanging onto Suga's back, he nodded occasionally and gave Suga a thumbs up. She slowly walked over to them. She made sure they couldn't see or hear her.

"Let's go!" Jungkook pleaded impatiently.

"Are you ready?" Rapmon asked.

"Of course I'm ready." Suga chuckled.

"Onward!" Jimin raised a fist high in the air. They started walking down the street. She paused a moment, before deciding to follow them.

She had a right to, why shouldn't she?



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