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"What babe?" Jungkook asked, he was suddenly timid and scared. She held back her laughter shamefully.

"Who's Hyunsook?" Chaewon screamed at him, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Oh s**t." Jin stood. Jungkook was taken aback.

"H-Hyunsook." He stammered.

"She's just a girl from our school!" He laughed nervously.

"Don't lie! You took her out to the party!" Chaewon sobbed.

"Who told you that?" Jungkook yelled angrily, because it was the truth.

"She did." Chaewon pointed at Nari, sobbing. Suga read her mind.

"Oh s**t." Suga quickly made his way over to her, while Chaewon and Jungkook fought.

"Go, get out of here. Jungkook's gonna start some trouble." He whispered urgently,

"You guys should go too." He quickly rejoined the guys. Gyuri and Yoonhee stood. She quickly followed them. They ran out of the room silently. Gyuri and Yoonhee ran out the door, and off into the town. Nari stayed. She hid behind a small bureau and waited.

After a while, Chaewon went running past her, sobbing very unattractively. She stepped out and slowly made her way back to the room.

"F**k!" Jungkook yelled angrily. She heard him kick something. She edged  a little closer to try and catch a glimpse of them.

"She was gonna find out anyways." Jin murmured slowly.

"It was a stupid idea anyways." Suga stated simply.

"No! You know what's stupid? That little b***h of yours!" Jungkook screamed at him.

"What did you say?" Suga growled. She edged a little bit closer. She could see into the room now. Jin saw her immediately. He shook his head defeated. She was staying whether he liked it or not.

"Jungkook, this one's on you." Rapmon chuckled.

"Screw you. It's that little hoes fault!" Jungkook swore. She flinched at his insult, he did deserve it, just maybe not in the way it happened. Around all his friends. After all Chaewon was a very pretty trophy.

"Don't you dare! You're the two-timing bastard! What did Nari ever do to you?" Suga yelled. She felt a small bubble of pride form in her heart, the corners of her mouth twitched upward, involuntarily.

"She ruined my relationship! She ruined my party! And she's getting you all caught up in her little act! You're wrapped around her little finger!" Jungkook shouted.

"Are you jealous?" Suga laughed. She heard Jimin laugh too, he stopped quickly, although you could still hear him snickering.

"Shut up!" Jungkook yelled.

"You know what Suga? F**k you and your little whore!" Suga had Jungkook by the collar of his shirt in a moment.

"What. Did. You. Say." Suga commanded.

"F**k you, and f**k your whore!" Jungkook challenged.

"Hey-" Jin took a step toward the two, but stopped when Suga punched Jungkook in the nose. Jin looked up at her, slightly scared and worried. She looked back at Suga. No, this wasn't her Suga. Her Suga wouldn't fight over her. Her Suga wouldn't hurt for her. Her Suga would walk away and hug her and tell her he loved her. Suga's eyes glinted. This Suga felt like he was right, like he was doing the right thing, like he was protecting her. This Suga had no limits. She began to tremble. Jungkook stumbled back, and attempted to swing at Suga. Suga ducked and kicked him in the knee. Jungkook fell and groaned in pain. That's enough, she thought. Hoping vainly that Suga would take a step back. Hoping he would stop. Jungkook was his friend, he wouldn't hurt him. She comforted herself in the few seconds before Suga kicked him in the stomach. A tear dripped down her cheek, and she put her hand over her mouth to cover her gasp. Suga grabbed Jungkook by the collar of his shirt and bent over him. He raised his fist and punched Jungkook in the jaw.  She took a step forward, she didn't care if the others saw her.

"Suga!" Jimin stood.

"Nari!" Jin hissed. J-Hope smiled, and V looked at her confused. Rapmon watched her intently. Suga ignored them, and raised his fist again.

"Suga stop!" She burst out. She covered her mouth again and took a step back. Suga paused, before dropping Jungkook and turning around. Jungkook moaned in pain and relief.

"Thank you." She sobbed quietly.

"Nari..." He took a step towards her. She took another step back, shook her head and smiled. She turned away and ran out of the house. She felt everyone's eyes on her. She ran as fast as she could down to the beach. She tried to take deep breaths, in the fresh breeze. It didn't work. She sobbed hysterically. She couldn't breathe, her Suga wasn't there to comfort her either. She sobbed into the wind, wished she could blow away all her woes like the wind.

How did Suga manage to do this to her every time?

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