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"...broke up?" he looked at her hopefully.

"No." She croaked and kissed him sloppily.

"No." She whispered again. He laughed and squeezed her tightly.

"Thank god." She felt tears drop onto her head. She looked up at him. He was crying. She wiped his tears away and kissed him again.

"I've never seen you cry." She murmured. He shook his head, and wiped his eyes.

"Sorry." He whispered hoarsely.

"It's fine." She nodded.

"No, I'm sorry. I'll try not to be like that, especially around you. I don't want to be that person anymore, I'll try-I just-I don't-I don't know." He stammered, then sighed.

"Don't change. Just...I don't know either." She chuckled softly, and nuzzled her face into his chest.

"I just don't want-"

"Shh." She shushed him softly. He fell silent and they sat still for a long time. She felt fat drops of rain fall into her head. Nothing had really changed. Nothing was really fixed, but now everything was out in the open. She just wanted her Suga. Or maybe she just wanted Suga. She sighed again and cuddled into him. He held her in his lap and pressed his lips into her hair. It began to rain, hard. They were soaked in moments, and she was shivering. Neither moved. Honestly she was afraid to. Afraid to brake the fragile, glassy peace and calm they made.

"What do you want?" He murmured.

"I want you to carry me back to the house." She whispered. He nodded and picked her up, coddling her into his chest.

He carried her back to the house slowly. She felt drowsy and nostalgic. She was barely awake when he carried her up into his room. He set her down in the bathroom and gave her a shirt to wear. She put it on clumsily and opened the door. Suga was shirtless. He jumped when she opened the door. She giggled and fell down on the bed. She closed her eyes. Suga was so strong. He had muscles and muscles over those. She smiled and thought about how perfect he was and how hot he was. He jumped into bed next to her. He cuddled into her and pulled the blankets over them both. She smiled again and fell asleep to his steady breath.

When she woke up, her face was pressed into his chest and his arms were wrapped tightly around her. She smiled and blushed. She was with Suga, in his bed. She cuddled into him more, and put her leg over his. She heard him chuckle softly. He pulled her over, on top of him and sat up. She curled up in his lap and smiled. He laughed again and kissed her forehead.

"Are we okay?" He asked. She hesitated before nodding.

"Yeah. We're okay." He nodded and kissed her again.

"Do I need to take you home? Or can I keep you?" He nuzzled his face into her neck and pushed her back down onto the bed. She laughed and he wrapped his legs around hers. She sighed and closed her eyes. She nodded.

"If you must." He laughed and kissed her neck.

"I must." She shook her head and smiled. She began to fall asleep again. She thought about Suga drowsily. It wasn't her Suga that she loved. It was just Suga.

Just Suga.

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