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When she came to, Suga's face was directly over hers. She was so confused.

"Where am I?" She murmured. She started to sit up. Her head pounded in protest. She winced and pressed her hand to her head. She was so cold. She shivered. Suga helped her sit up. She shivered again.

"Here." He wrapped his semi-dry jacket around her.

"Where am I?" She murmured again.

"The office." He sat down across from her and put a hand on her shoulder. It took her a moment to remember, then she nodded.

"Oh yeah." She breathed. She coughed a few times. She wrapped Suga's jacket around herself a little tighter. It was so warm. She snuggled into it shamelessly. He put a hand on her forehead.

"You're warm." He muttered.

"Really? I'm freezing." She whispered, her teeth chattering.

"Give me your hand." She obeyed quickly. He grabbed it, and held it between his hands. They were so much warmer than hers. She sighed contentedly.

"They're so cold." He murmured in awe, and concern. She smiled stupidly, and shrugged. Then the nurse walked in.

"What happened!" She asked.

"She's not feeling well. She's very cold, and she fainted a few minutes ago." Suga reported. The nurse nodded.

"What's your name?" She asked sweetly.

"Nari Myoh." She whispered. Her head began to pound harshly. She fell against Suga's shoulder. She really didn't care what the nurse thought, her head was hurting too much. She heard voices, but she didn't try to decipher what they said.

"You're mom's on her way." Suga murmured. She nodded numbly. They stayed like that, in silence for a long time.

Finally the bell rang. She winced as the harsh sound cut through her brain.

"Here take this note and go on to class." The nurse murmured to Suga. He nodded. He gently lifted her off his shoulder and slowly laid her down.

"Thank you." She breathed. He said nothing. She heard the sound of a pen on paper.

"Here." He pressed a piece of paper into the palm of her hand. She grasped it limply. He left after that. She took deep breaths. She was colder now. She blacked out again. She woke up, and her mother her led her out of the office and drove her home. Her mother ran her a warm bath and let her relax. Her mom kissed her forehead tenderly.

"My baby." She pinched her cheek lightly. Nari smiled.

"I love you." She hugged her mother tightly.

"Relax." Her mother pulled away and kissed her cheek. She smiled and began to peel off her clothes. Suga's paper fell out of her hand. She picked it up. She didn't read it yet. She took it to her room and set it on her desk. She went back into the bathroom, and stripped of her wet clothes. She had two jackets. She stared at them in confusion.

"Oh yeah. One's Suga's." She shrugged and stepped into the hot bath. It felt so good on her ice cold skin. She sighed in relief, and fell asleep.

Why couldn't she relax all the time?

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