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She sat with her friends, eating her lunch silently and blankly.

"Hey Nari! Look it's Suga." Sumi smiled slyly.

"So?" She mumbled through her food.

"Oh my god. Everyone knows he likes you!" Eunsuh smiled girlishly.

"Why?" She asked mechanically. She wasn't in the mood, nor did she care.

"Well, he stares at you in class all the time! It's so obvious." Seungah giggled.

"And people saw him carry you to the office!" Kyungja nudged her. She was getting irritated.

"It was just because I was sick okay? I fainted." She looked at them all exasperated.

"Whatever." Kyungja breathed haughtily." There's a rumor going around that he fought with J-Hope over you." Misook mumbled. She dropped her fork. She hadn't told anyone that. How the hell did people find out?

"Okay well that's total bull-" Eunsuh cut her off.

"Look! Hyunsook is going over to their table." She turned her head and watched apprehensively. She couldn't hear anything they were saying. Suga was talking. They talked for a moment before Hyunsook laughed and nodded vigorously. Suga smiled, and looked over at her.

She had seen enough. She looked away from his gaze and stood.

"I'm done with you guys." She acted irritated.

"Oh come on Nari." Kyungja laughed. Nari left her food and waved. She nearly ran out of the cafeteria. She tucked her hair behind her ear and she left. She slammed into a bathroom stall, and kicked the wall. She hated Hyunsook. She hated her. She whimpered pitifully before falling back against the wall. She put a hand to her forehead. She was so stupid, and unfair, and jealous, and everything she hated. She dry sobbed for a moment before collecting herself. Damn Suga. He always made her lose her composure, for no reason at all. Her mother would worry, her father would yell, she would cry, and she would still think about him. God she was stupid. She didn't know what to do. She never knew what to do, ever. The bell rang. She walked out of the stall sullenly, and on to her next class. She didn't grab her books or anything. She just sat numbly through the whole class. After school, she rushed home. What happened to getting over him? She crumpled up into her window. She couldn't go to school tomorrow. She just couldn't.

Suga wouldn't notice anyways.

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