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Yoongi Min had gone to her middle school. The first year of middle school, no one had any idea who he was no one noticed him. Except she did. He had been in 4 of her classes. She had noticed him on the very first day. He had been very quiet, and very much a loner. She had felt sorry for him. She had found him very good looking, she still did. He had changed a lot but, he had gotten even better looking. She had partnered up with him for a project because he didn't have a partner. She had actually wanted to partner up with him if he had found a partner. He was quiet, he did the work, he barely talked. And at that time he blushed a lot. His voice was very different from the way he had acted. His voice was deep and strong and strangely comforting. She had liked it. After that they would talk and sometimes partner up in class. Then her friends began to make fun of her. She didn't know what to do. She had liked him very much, but she hated the teasing. So she slowly distanced herself from him. The second year of middle school they didn't talk at all even though they had not four but five classes together. Then halfway through second year, Yoongi Min became big news. He called himself Suga now, and he started skipping school. He got into big fights, and every time he fought, not one person was able to beat him. Not one. Finally he stopped coming to school entirely, and no one ever saw him again. Until now.

If she was perfectly honest with herself, she had never stopped liking Suga. She had just forgotten about him. He had gotten better looking, to an extent where it was hard for her not to look at him once she had seen his face. She stared at his profile through her hair, and hoped he wouldn't notice. She tried to pay attention to the teacher, but she couldn't. She had never payed attention to him anyway, she could barely remember his name. She looked at Suga out of the corner of her eye. Suddenly, he turned and looked over at her. She quickly looked away, and swore at herself. The bell rang. She grabbed her stuff quickly and hurried out of the room. She ran to her locker and grabbed her books. She went to her next class and sat down. She crossed her arms and chewed the inside of her cheek.

"We have a new student." The teacher declared bored. She looked around. The only empty seat was next to her as usual.

"Suga." He introduced himself quickly.

"Sit there." The teacher pointed to the empty seat. The class whispered again.

"Hey are you Min Yoongi?" Someone asked.

"Sure." He murmured, not paying attention. She stole a glance over at him. He was already looking back at her. She quickly covered her face with her hair and promised herself she would never look back at him again. She looked at him several times.

Didn't she have any self control?


(A/N) I think this is appropriate because it is his birthday. sugaaaaaaa, like can he stope being so hot. me hormones is on overdrive. im tired. hope you like. hugsss (>^--^)>

PS the hug thing may seem stalkerish but i assure you IT IS NOT I SWEAR

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