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She spent the rest of the day in the planetarium, looking for Suga's star. She laid on her back and scanned the fake sky lazily, remembering.

{"Why is it your favorite?" He cupped her face in his hands. He swiped his thumb back and forth across her cheek.

"Because, it's almost as beautiful as you. Almost." He kissed her.} She thought of that little kiss. The tiny little kiss among so many, and she could remember exactly how it felt. She loved him so much. She found the star too. It shone dimly and brightly twinkling against the suffocatingly black ceiling, and although it was just a little prick of light, it was his light. It was Suga's light and he had given it to her. The planetarium didn't look so ordinary anymore. The bell rang and she stood. She walked out of the school with purpose. She looked around at the people passing by. She smiled as she found her friends. Misook hooked worriedly on Jin's arm. Seungah, Kyungja, and Sumi all talking animatedly to each other. And Eunsuh, talking excitedly with Jimin. She smiled, he finally got it. In that moment, she decided love comes in many different forms, and the person being loved needed to fit themselves to that love to see the beauty in it. She sighed and walked on.

She stood on the rocks right by the little pond carefully. It was just the same as before. She remembered when Suga first took her here. {She looked back at Suga. He was staring at it in absolute wonder and awe.

"It's so beautiful." He laughed.} that laugh. That childish, curious, wonderful, tinkling laugh. The laugh she loved so much, the way his eyes smiled with him. She watched as a small baby duck hopped out onto the rocks and scurried back into the bush. This was Suga's place too. It was his little pond and he had given it to her. It was his little garden of Eden and he decided to share it. She smiled the pond twinkled, the little hidden pond looked a lot more extraordinary than it ever had. She turned around and ran home happily. But first, she stopped at the tree and laid down. {"What is it?" She asked.

"Look at the leaves." He sighed. She looked up at the auburn leaves.} Most of the leaves were gone now, but they still rustled pleasantly in the breeze. She smiled and remembered Suga's soft, pale hand wrapped in hers. This was theirs. It wasn't his yet, so he made it theirs. What hadn't he given her?

She slipped the note under the door and rang the doorbell. It chimed grandly in the large house. She quickly turned away and walked down to the beach. She remembered the first time they had come to this beach. {She didn't move, but she felt her breath hitch in her chest. He kissed her cheek softly.} She realized at that moment, that was when he gave his heart to her fully and completely, and that was when she gave her heart to him. He did all that knowing it would kill her and kill him. All because of his pride. She grimaced. She could reject that love because it wasn't the love she felt would stay, but she knew it was too late for that.

She already saw the beauty in Suga's love.

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