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Everyone else took a step back. It was Suga against all eight. Dakho was down. Suga versus seven. Suga grabbed a boy by the collar and slammed him into a wall, the boy slumped to the ground. Suga versus six. A small one lunged at Suga. He grabbed Suga's neck. Suga laughed and slammed the small guy into the opposite wall. Suga pulled away and the boy fell off. Suga versus five. Two rushed him at the same time. Suga ducked and grabbed their legs out from under them. They both hit the pavement hard on their faces. They didn't attempt to get back up. V and Jimin came forward and kicked them for good measure, then stepped back in line. Suga versus three. One grabbed him from behind, and another from the front. They grasped his jacket. Suga swept off his jacket in a smooth movement, and wriggled out from between them. Before they could register what he had done, he smashed their heads together. They moaned in pain and fell to the ground. Suga versus one. This one came at Suga, at least a little bit, tactfully. She felt her heart skip a beat as Suga narrowly dodged a punch. Suga stepped behind him and kicked his back. He fell to the ground. Suga pressed his foot into the boys back. The boy cried out in pain. It was a terrible, twisted cry. Why didn't Suga stop? She looked up at his face. His eyes. They had that terrible, malicious glint in them. She stepped back. She couldn't see Suga anymore, or the carnage he had unleashed. His eyes. His precious, precious eyes. She took a deep breath and ran.

She ran back to the school, and halfway home. A cramp formed in her ribcage. She cried out and stopped. She gripped her side tightly to block out the sharp pain. She winced and continued on. She thought of the way Suga had looked. She hated it. He had looked at the boy on the ground, defeated, with so much malice. So much hatred. In his eyes she saw a sick sense of justice, he felt he was doing the right thing, he felt he was correct. By hurting, and fighting, and showing no mercy. She took her hand off her side. Maybe the pain of the cramp would clear her mind of Suga's twisted ideals. It hurt so much to see him like that, immoral, without a conscience, maybe even evil. Her Suga wasn't like that, he was kind, silly, loving, happy. He was not the other Suga she saw today. She shook her head, and decided to deny what she had seen. She needed someone to blame for creating that rotten Suga, so she blamed Rapmon. She grimaced, she couldn't blame anyone, but it felt better when she could. It felt better when she could blame everything on someone else, and push her problems away from her. Yes, it was Rapmon's fault, and that was not the real Suga, her Suga, so she would not allow that Suga to exist.

It was as simple as that.



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