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Hello, my lovelies !!

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Hello, my lovelies !!

I cannot even fathom that we've reached 277k reads. This is absolutely crazy.

Thanks to everyone who read, voted and commented on this story.

I've read all of your comments, laughed and answered at some of them.

Also — before yall continue to attack me —

I didn't want their whole story to focus on the physical side but on the emotional side.

I wanted to portray a healthy relationship between Damien and Rebel (Amelia). I wanted to show that Damien changed Rebel's way of thinking and that he taught her to love.

Same goes for Rebs.

Also, fuck you guys for not liking Mac. KIDDING !! IM KIDDING !!

But Mac is lowkey my favourite character, and he's definitely not based on someone I know ;)

Anywho, I just wanted to thank you guys and let you know that I'm currently writing more books for the opposite series .

I want to make a series (that can be read as stand alones) that shows the different type of love.

Here are the following books since book 1 is obviously his female bodyguard . The reverse grumpy x sunshine trope will always be my favourite. Also, who doesn't love an older woman with power?

Book 2: completed 08/01/2023
Missing Piece — single dad trope.
Cora Piambelli and Tristan Coleman

Book 3: ongoing
Tales of the Heart — author x guitarist
Jayda Powell and Kane O'Hara

Book 4: ongoing
Taste of Heaven — CEO x baker
Lara Santos and Dragomir Pavlov

Book 5: ongoing
Queen of Hearts — brother's best friend
Juliana Valente and Leone Angelo

Book 6: ongoing
Touched by and Angel — sport romance
Alexandra Beckett and Vincent De Luca

Book 7: ongoing
Licensed for Slaughter — single dad x teacher
Athena Scott and Taylor Reed

Book 8: ongoing
Before the Storm — bad girl x good boy
Andrea Pierce and Adriano Black


Those are all the books that I've started to write and am planning on sharing with yall.

It might take some time since I'm in college and I'm getting flooded with school work but I'll try to manage.

Also, do you guys like when i publish the book all at once or if I do chapter by chapter???

Soooo let's say 1-2 chapters every week.

Let me know what y'all prefer :)

Again, thank you so much !!

Love yall <3

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