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"Are you coming to Viper's tonight?" Storm asked as Damien and Lucas did their homework in the living room

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"Are you coming to Viper's tonight?" Storm asked as Damien and Lucas did their homework in the living room. My brother needed some advice about ideas for future dates with Lucas... as if I knew.

I suck at planning dates.

"I don't know... with everything going on and Damien living here-"

"Bring him with you."

"Are you kidding? Hunter, there's literally a bounty for his head. It's a miracle he hasn't been recognized during class." I stated while hitting his arm.

"Lia, we can protect him so why not?"

"I can't lose him. He's too soft to be in the same room as murderous and ex-convicts."

"He met Dox-?"

Hitting my brother, again, I glared at him. He's such an asshole sometimes.

Pfft, he's always an asshole.

"That's not the same thing. And Maddox was exonerated."

After we bribed the judge... so not the point right now, wow.

"Okay, fine. But if something happens, you will be personally held accountable."

"Yes ma'am." He teased before dodging a pillow coming straight at his face. Storm immediately stood up, practically running out of my apartment as I rolled my eyes.

He's such a child.

"See you tonight. Lucas, darling, we need to go." He stated as Lucas mumbled under his breath what an idiot Storm was being.

The two of them soon left my penthouse, leaving me to break out the news of us going to a fight club to Damien... great.

Arms snaked around my waist, soft kisses being pressed on my neck as I chuckled.

I've come to realize that Damien loves physical attention. He cannot go a day without touching me - NOT LIKE THAT.

"What's gotten you so far in thoughts, tesoro?" He asked as I turned around to face him. My arms wrapping around his neck as I played with his curly hair.

Gosh, he's absolutely beautiful.

It should be a crime to be this good looking.

"There's something I need to ask you- you can say no if you don't want to go but Lucas is going- I swear nothings gonna happen to you. Storm, Gunner, Dagger and Lilith will be there. And I'll be there-"

"Amelia, sweetheart, breath."

He said with a gentle smile before tapping my thigh twice, asking me to jump in his arms.

I've also come to realize that Damien is quite strong. I mean, he did a full set of 10 push-ups with me on his back.

You'd think that someone as scrawny as him, not that it's a bad thing, but you wouldn't expect that from him.

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