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"Amelia Rose Dubois! What the fuck is this?" Wolf, Amelia's older brother, yelled on speaker

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"Amelia Rose Dubois! What the fuck is this?" Wolf, Amelia's older brother, yelled on speaker. She was driving with the windows down, a smile on her face as she listen to her brother rant about how he didn't sign up to take care of two dogs. It was a little funny, honestly.

"Oh come on, big bro. You're twice their height." She stated as I struggled not to laugh. Also what the flip? Her name is so pretty.

Amelia Rose Dubois.

"Since when do you even have a golden retriever? I thought you hated basic dogs."

"Excuse me." I whispered with a fake gasp as she bite the inside of her cheek. She's absolutely breath taking. "You don't like Bowie?"

"Dude, just take care of Saint and Bowie. I'll bake you an apple pie."

"Deal." Wolf said before hanging up. I looked at Amelia, waiting for her to elaborate on why she doesn't like 'basic' dogs. What even is a basic dog? How is Bowie basic?


"So." She answered back with a grin as I rolled my eyes. Of course, that was before she placed her hand on my thigh. Her red manicured nails contrasted against my grey-ish pants as I twirled one of her rings around her fingers.

"You don't like Bowie?"

"I like Bowie. I just don't like everyone has the same dog, golden retrieves just so happen to be a friendly dog that everyone want." She stated with a smile as I slowly nodded my head. I mean, she isn't wrong. I've seen a lot of golden retrievers around Crampton.

"So that's why you have Saint?"

"Yes and no. I've had Saint for five years now, I found him in an alley a while back. He was badly beaten and covered in fleas. I took a liking in him, made sure he got all the treatments he needed and gave him a home. He's a strong dog." Amelia said.

I always knew Saint was a strong boy, especially with the numerous scars that littered his body and the bullet hole in his stomach. But to hear that someone actually hurt that poor dog, is heartbreaking.

"I'm glad you saved him."

"So am I, baby. So am I."

Grabbing my hand, Amelia brought it towards her mouth before placing a soft kiss on it. My cheeks immediately turned red, flustered by her affectionate action. I know she's not one for grand gestures, which is why this small one was enough to have my stomach fill up with butterflies. Whipped.

"Eres la indicada para mí."
you are the one for me.

I whispered as she smiled at me, tilting her head in confusion as I shrugged. Her hand rested on my thigh as I interlocked our fingers.

A happy smile breaking on my face as she rubbed her thumb on my knuckles.

"Dios! Estoy enamorado de tí."
god! i'm in love with you.

"You need to teach me Spanish."

"What? No!"

"Ah- why not?" She asked with a raised eyebrow while a cheeky smile was on my face.

"Because I like telling you stuff without having you tease me about it."

"Pfft, asshole." She muttered under her breath as I kissed her hand.



When we finally reached the mall, I couldn't help but slightly be nervous at the number of cars parked in the parking lot. I've never been good with crowds, which is weird since I go to college.


"You okay, love?" Amelia asked with a small smile as I nodded my head at her. I didn't want to let her know I was nervous. Plus, we didn't have Saint to calm me down.

"I'm okay, just a little... overwhelmed."

"We can take a moment if you want?"

Smiling at Amelia, I leaned over the console and pressed a short kiss on her lips. Her cherry lip balm filled my senses as my thumb rubbed a circle on her cheek. I don't think I could ever get tired of how her lips feel against mine.

I'm addicted to her.

"I'm okay." I whispered as she leaned her forehead against mine. Our peppermint breaths - from all the candy canes we've been eating - mixed together.

"I could get used to this." She said with a smile.

Gosh, her smile always made me weak to the knees. She's absolutely breathtaking.


Getting out of the car, Amelia adjusted her sunglasses on top of her head while I kept them on my nose. She gave me the same rules as college, except I could hold her hand if I wanted to - which I definitely will.

She said it'd make us seem less 'weird' to the average person, since not everyone has a body guard that takes them to the mall.

Whatever that means.

"Do you need new clothes? We can buy new bedsheets and pillows if you want. Books? Toys for Bowie, since Saint doesn't share his-"

"Tesoro take a deep breath, okay?" I told her with a small smile as she playfully rolled her eyes at me. Taking a deep breath, Amelia and I finally reached the entrance of the mall.

My hand immediately took a hold of hers, a smile plastered on my lips as she kept a stone cold expression.

Every time I look at her, I can't seem to stop looking at her lips. Our multiple shared kisses simply fuelled my love for her.

Gosh, I'm falling so hard.

"What do we need?" I asked as she pulled me towards a shop. I felt a bunch of eyes on us as I just tightened my hold on her hand.

I hate the attention.

"We need a few couple of things for diner, some toys for the dogs and some new clothes for you." She said while narrowing her eyes at a girl in front of us. The blonde was openly checking me out, mhm delightful.

"Let's get this over with before I stab a bitch."

I chuckled lowly, pressing a kiss on her cheek as the blonde girl rolled her eyes and walked away. I like it when Amelia gets jealous.

She's hot.

She's always hot. And if that's not the truth, I don't know what is. I like that she's as possessive as I am.

She is mine and I am hers.

I got the hickeys to prove it.

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