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- set 2 months after epilogue -

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- set 2 months after epilogue -

I was sitting at the kitchen table, watching my beautiful wife bake cookies with our two sons.

Both of them covered in flour from a food fight they had mere minutes ago. The side of Liam's mouth was covered in chocolate - he keeps stealing chocolate chips from the bag when Amelia turns around.

"Liam Edouardo Cortese, if you put that chocolate chip in your mouth, you won't get any cookies."

Amelia said in a warning tone while putting a second batch of cookies in the oven.

The older twin - by six minutes - immediately dropped the chip on the table and sent her an innocent smile.

"I didn't do anything, mommy." He stated as Amelia chuckled before ruffling his hair.

"Let's get you boys cleaned up while daddy watches over our cookies, yeah?" Amelia questioned as our twin boys rushed upstairs.

Amelia made her way towards me, standing between my legs, her arms wrapped around my neck. A smile grazed her pink lips as my hands rested on her hips.

"What?" I asked with frowned eyebrows as my beautiful wife kissed the tip of my nose.

"You're adorable." She mumbled, causing a soft blush to creep up my cheeks.

How can she still make me blush after eight years of dating and five years of marriage?

"Awe, you're blushing."

Pinching her waist, Amelia yelped as I pulled her closer to my body. She was practically on my lap as my hands roamed her body.

Amelia's body has had major changes since giving birth to our twin boys.

Her stomach now has a small pouch along with stretch marks on her hips.

It just adds to her beauty.

I mean, she was beautiful before but now - knowing she gave birth to our sons - she's drop dead gorgeous.

"I love you." I whispered in her ear, one of my hand on her jaw as she leaned into my touch.

"I love you more."

"That's impossible, tesoro."

Pulling her into a kiss, a small shudder ran across my spine as our lips molded against one another.

I'm still not used to the fact of kissing her.

She's surreal.

"I'm going to get the boys in a bath, I'll clean up when I come back down."

"No worries, I'll do it." I told her while pecking her lips.

Amelia began to walk away, though not before I landed a smack on her ass causing her to glare at me.

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