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"Don't even think about bringing that stick next to my eyeball or I will shoot you!" I told Lilith as she looked at me with a bleed expression

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"Don't even think about bringing that stick next to my eyeball or I will shoot you!" I told Lilith as she looked at me with a bleed expression.

"It's fucking mascara, Rebs." The auburn haired woman stated as I rolled my eyes. "And to think you're a big bad body guard." She mumbled under her breath as I glared at her.

Lilith is Wolf's girlfriend, she's a casino owner and a tattoo artist at Storm's place. She doesn't go by her government issued name, just like the rest of us. With Gunner, Wolf and I's jobs being dangerous, we made sure everyone related to us or to the firm had an alias.

It's safer that way.

"You already waxed my whole body, Lils! I'm as naked as a mole-rat!"

"Why are you women yelling?" Wolf asked while bursting through the door of my bedroom. His broad shoulder took most of the door frame up as Lilith looked at him up and down. Oh god.

"Ew, you're giving him the sex eyes. Please stop." I said as she hit my head with her hand.

Groaning, I glared at the woman as my brother smirked at us. He wore black dress pants, a black shirt and a black overcoat with his gold chain. His tattooed hands were pressed against his biceps as I envied his outfit.

"Why does he get to wear a suit and not me? This isn't fair."

"Would you stop being a baby and just let me do my work!" Lilith snapped with as Wolf wrapped his arms around her waist.

The first time Wolf brought Lilith to our Saturday family dinner, I almost passed out. My brother's never been attracted to the opposite gender, I thought he was gay for a big part of my life. Storm, who's a huge flirt, immediately put on the charms before being let down - rather harshly - by Lilith. That's when I knew they were perfect for each other.

She challenged him in ways no one had ever dared to challenge him. Yet, she still calmed him whenever he was angry. With him constantly on the move, it's hard to keep a relationship but they somehow make it work.

"What's the problem?"

"Your sister won't let me put mascara on her."

"She's threatening me with a stick!"

We both said at the same time as Wolf eyed the mascara wand with a horrified expression.

"Not you too!" Lilith sighed while throwing her hands up in defeat. When her back was turned, Wolf winked at me as I chuckled. He always has my back, even against mascara.

"Dress time."

"Where's my gun?" I asked while looking around the room to find the damn thing. Wolf held in his hand before lifting it up when I tried to reach for it. Standing at 6'5, he towered over my 5'8 height.

"Just let me shoot myself, Wolf."

"Not before I see you in a dress. How long has it been since you last wore one?" Wolf said with an eyebrow lift as I tried to jump to grab my gun.

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