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Amelia and I decided to take Henry and Juliet to the park

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Amelia and I decided to take Henry and Juliet to the park. For once there was a sunny day in Crampton, no way we were going to stay inside.

The kids also decided they wanted Saint and Bowie to come with us, meaning my jeep was packed to the max.

She was wearing a white-ish tank top, along with some denim shorts and my old stan smith's. She probably has about five pairs of the same shoes.

"A few rules before we go play, okay?"

Henry and Juliet nodded as she parked the jeep in the parking lot. We could've walked all the way to the park, since it was about 10 minutes from my apartment. But I knew the kids wouldn't like it very much.

So, for the sake of them, we polluted the planet with our carbon dioxide.


"Don't talk to strangers. Don't be mean to the other kids. Stay in our eyesight."

"Hold our hands until we reach the park, okay?" I asked as they both nodded.

Even though Juliet was three and Henry five, they're both pretty smart kids.

I hope my kids are like that-


Since when do I want one of those little monsters?

"If you need to peepee, tell me or Bel."

"Can we go play? Please! Please!" Henry said while clapping his hands in excitement. I couldn't help but chuckle, even if he's always demanding Amelia's attention, he's still my favourite nephew.

No offence to Ruiz, Leonardo, Javier, Felipe II, Pablo, Diego, Mateo Jr, Cruz and Antonio.

And that's just my closest nephews.

I have a big family.

The four of us, along with the two dogs, exited Amelia's jeep. Henry immediately made grabby hands to be in my girl's arms.

Jealousy is so annoying.

"Come here, you big baby." She said as he literally clung to her figure like a koala. Juliet was in my arms, playing with my hair as Amelia and I grabbed some bags.

Bowie and Saint were walking next to us, tail wagging as we finally reached the playground.

"Remember what we said, okay?" Amelia said while kissing Henry's cheek and letting him down. He immediately bolted towards the slides as Juliet begged for me to put her on the swings and push her.

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