chapter 28

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*Nadia's pov*

I've been awake for a few minutes now stuck in the crib theres not much i can do though,it feels weird staring at them sleeping but i dont want to disturb them by waking them up so all i can really do is lean back and hope they wake up soon.

I suck on the pacifer that was placed in the crib trying to find any way to pass the time.

Theres not much point trying to get out of the crib there would be no way of sneaking past them both and even if i did that how could i open the door without making noise?

Its uncomfortable having to sit there whilst wearing a wet diaper;on most days Natasha or Wanda would wake me up so i didn't have to deal with the uncomfortableness as by the time i was fully awake i was already changed which made it somewhat okay.

However there was still no signs of either of them waking up so there was no chance of that.

A couple months ago i was stressing about having to write 5 page essays in a night that i had held off until the day before the due date in college and now my biggest worry was a wet diaper.

'living the life' i sarcastically thought to myself.

The sound of the bedroom door opening brought me out of my miserable thinking,i perked up seeing a figure that turned out to be Sam walking in putting his finger over his lips telling me to be silent,probably so we dont wake up the other two.

He walked over picking me up and silently left the room taking me to the kitchen with him, "i thought i'd go in and check on you good thing i did huh? can't have the princess being bored,can we?" he said making me slightly laugh.I dont know why i took a liking to sam but he made everything seem better when he was around.

"before we get started on your breakfast i should change you" Sam said making me blush at the reminder that i was wearing a diaper.


*third person pov*

After dealing with the embarrasing changing situation the rest of the morning went well,Sam let Nadia help him make breakfast which is something she'd never done before here;helping make meals.It made her feel sort of like an adult.

Like the responsible and independent adult she used to be.

The pair ate their breakfast together with Nadia being allowed to feel herself which was another thing she enjoyed with being around.

Then the rest of their time was spent together with them in the living room watching tv but mostly them playing around on the couch together as he found it entertaining tickling her making her burst out into giggles and try squirming away.

Pepper had been slightly panicked when she woke up seeing the girl was gone,the panic was quickly washed away when she walked out of the room hearing the laughter of both of them.

Before even realising it they'd been in there for over an hour and now Wanda and Natasha would be picking up the girl soon already on their way there.

Currently Sam was holding the girl over his left shoulder whilst being stood up with her upper body being across his back as she moved around trying to get down "stop it! stop!" Nadia said laughing.

Then she heard the sound of footsteps making her stop moving and look towards the sound.

Natasha and Wanda had walked in seeing the cute sight of their baby and Sam messing around together with her upside down,once the girl saw the women she stopped laughing and started trying to get up for real wanting to see the women;Sam saw the reason for the girls lack of laughter now and put her down.

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