chapter 13

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*Natasha's pov*

Today we were going to be trying something new with Nadia,leaving the house and having a nice family day.

We both knew that we couldn't keep her cooped up forever now that she adjusted to the home aspect of it we would slowly start introducing her to the rest of the community;yesterday with pepper was a start.

Her adjustment was happening better than we thought although we still saw her slightly flinching when any of us touched her or her hesitation when calling us mommy and mama.

Currently Nadia was on her stomach on a mat that was on the floor for 'tummy' time she just looked so cute in her outfit with max in her hands sucking on a pacifier.

Wanda was elsewhere getting Nadia's bag ready for leaving so I was designated to watch Nadia which of course I didn't mind I loved spending time with her,I couldn't wait until she was in her full headspace and enjoying it all.

I checked my phone and it was about time to leave so I picked up Nadia from the floor.

Looking into the kitchen through the doorway I could see Wanda picking up the bag and walking over to us, "are you excited baby?" Wanda cooed at Nadia who I began bouncing on my hip;she didn't answer the question instead she hid her face into my neck not wanting to be seen.

Placing Nadia on the floor briefly Wanda helped her put on some shoes before she was picked up again.

We opened the door and walked out into the driveway,it was almost February but the weather wasn't that bad it was a simple breeze.

I made sure to strap Nadia into her carseat as soon as possible not wanting her to get sick.

After double checking the harness I went to the drivers side getting in the car where Wanda was already buckled in at the passengers side,I buckled up then we began our short journey to our destination.Hopefully Nadia behaves this is supposed to be a treat for her good behavior at home we would hate to have to cancel because she was being fussy.


*third person pov*

The girl was unsure of what to expect as she sat in the carseat from past experience aka the doctors it wasn't a good thing hopefully she wasn't going back there,the thought scared her she got a spanking last time and had a mental breakdown so the thought of repeating that wasn't in the slightest pleasant.

She made sure to observe out of the window trying to indicate where she was no luck though.

Looking out the window made everything so much harder to tolerate,the thought of not being able to be free out there left a bitter taste in her mouth.

Before this if she wanted to leave the house she could,if she wanted to meetup with friends she could,she could even eat whenever or whatever she wanted now she was at the mercy of two kidnappers who dictated her choices.

One thing that helped her conceal her anger was the pacifer although she was embarrased at the fact it did because its for actual babies;still whenever she felt herself getting annoyed or angry she could just suck on it to calm herself down and prevent any stupid choices that could ruin the whole 'gain their trust' plan.

Nadia had been too zoned out in her whole world thinking about her old life that she hadn't noticed they'd parked,the thing that made her realise was when Wanda unstrapped her from the constricting harness and picked her up out of the car.

This time it was different than the others she was placed on her feet standing up.

"if you can promise to be a good girl you can walk like a big girl this time okay?" Natasha said as she grabbed Nadia's bag "i promise mommy i can walk like a big girl" Nadia said quickly.

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