chapter 6

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*third person pov*

The young girl sits in the chair almost shaking in fear not even daring to even as so much move a muscle, she looked like a lamb to the slaughter unaware of her fate but still terrified nonetheless.

Wanda used her magic to bring the sippy cup back into the tray "me and mommy are going into the kitchen to discuss a certain somebodies punishment by the time we come back I expect it all to be gone" she said but this time it lacked the childish tone instead it was replaced by a firm tone that scared the girl even more.

The two women walked into the kitchen with the used dishes gathered in their hands started to discuss Nadia's punishment,Nadia didn't want to know what would happen if she didn't drink it so she grabbed the cup with her shaking hands and quickly brought it up to her lips swallowing the beverage that turned out to be apple juice.

While she drank she couldn't make out anything of what the two women were saying all she heard were hushed whispers.

To her it didn't seem fair she was the victim in this situation they had committed a full on felony so why was she being punished for acting how you would expect anybody to act in this situation.It wasn't as if she was able to argue about it though.

Two of the very people who were supposed to protect this world were the ones causing her distress;if she was in any other situation she would've laughed at the irony.

By now she had finished the sugary sweet beverage and she felt bile rising in her throat unable to be tamed she knew what they were capable of, scarlet witch had destroyed an entire country sokovia or at least that's what the news had said along with many other unpleasant things and then there was black widow where was there to even begin with her.

She was pulled out of her thought process as the two women stepped in front of her and she was promptly picked up by Natasha as she was carried away on her hip to the bedroom she had woken up in?

Now that there was more daylight and she wasn't distracted by her initial fears that she had when she had first woken up she could finally see the room as a whole:the walls were pastel pink,the floor a nice carpeted creme colour and she could see all the childish objects placed around overall it was the perfect room for a little girl.

Nadia would never let that little girl be her though she was going to find a way out or at least thats what she told herself.

Her captor walked over to the rocking chair that had been placed in the room and sat on it,Nadia was confused at first until she was laid across the older womans lap on her stomach she was going to be spanked like a bratty child? like a toddler that had a tantrum.The girl bit back her colourful choice of words she would've told the woman and instead stayed silent knowing she was already in trouble.

"im going to spank you 15 times and you will count them understood?" she questioned but she didn't wait for the girls response as she started the spankings catching the girl off guard; the pain wasn't unbearable but it was certainly wasn't pleasant so she had quickly begun counting as she held her tears back.

The pain only got worse with each hit making it harder to hold her emotions back she still managed to do it until about the 11th hit though and then she had just let it all go,tears flowed from her eyes as sobs escaped her mouth as she continued counting the numbers not daring to even stop until they were over in fear of more.

By the end she was just a whole mess unable to stop crying as all her emotions from all of the mornings events had caught up to her.

Natasha stood up with the girl and she placed her hand on the girls head forcing it into her shoulder as she sobbed in an effort to comfort her as she whispered shushing sounds and walked out of the room with her.

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