chapter 9

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*Nadia's pov*

As the car parked I saw where we were a doctors office? it slightly worried me.

I heard one of the two devils open my car door it turning out to be Natasha she sees the distressed look on my face and begins to do her annoying coos "its okay baby its just the doctors they'll just be making sure you're a healthy little girl" she says trying to tickle my stomach making me squirm.

She unstraps me from the damn carseat,picks me up and closes the door leaving us standing off to the side,i watch as Wanda opens up the trunk grabbing what looks to be a diaper bag which makes me suddenly aware again at what im wearing.

My cheeks heat up realising people are going to see my dressed like this.

Kill me now.

Wanda closes the trunk and walks over to us,we begin to walk toward the doctors office or well Natasha and Wanda god forbid they let me have the simple privilege of walking.

From the corner of my eye i see people walking excitement fills me realising this nightmare was finally over they'd be able to help me;just when i drop the pacifer out of my mouth it dangling onto the clip and im about to scream for help a horrifying realisation dawns on me.

I can't help but stare at the sight its a woman dressed in regular adult clothing like she should be and then...what looks to be a man dressed in toddler clothes..

"baby its rude to stare" Wanda says as she caught on to what i was looking at "you'll be able to make friends your own age soon Nadia although that boy is too mature for a baby like you huh?" Natasha says in possibly the most degrading tone i've ever heard.When a look of distress washes over me the woman simply moves my head into her shoulder shushing me continuing to walk.

When we walk in the door the first thing that i notice is the strong smell of cleaning products;it looked so clean in here which made sense for a doctors office but still it gave me the creeps.

Natasha walked over to the waiting area sitting in a chair while Wanda presumbly checked in,it looked like a normal doctors office with the health posters all over the walls and just plain blue furniture.

There was only two other people in the waiting room it being a man and a girl dressed in semi normal clothing a t-shirt and black leggings the only childish thing was the elsa design on her t-shirt,i felt so envious there was no bulge around her crotch meaning she had to have been wearing underwear unlike me who was stuck in diapers.

When Wanda came over she began making small talk with the man "who's this pretty girl?" she said to the man making the girl giggle at the attention "this is Izzy she's seven,who's the precious baby you have there?" he said obviously referring to me.

"This is sweet Nadia our baby we just got her" Wanda said speaking as if i couldn't even understand like i was a dog?

Her and the man continued with their annoying small talk while Natasha stayed silent rubbing circles in my back trying to calm my untamed nerves;the girl confused me she didn't look forced she looked..comfortable like she enjoyed it? she had this innocence to her that made me feel bad for her.The poor girl didn't deserve this.

"Nadia Maximoff-Romanoff and parents you can head right in now" the receptionist said, Maximoff-Romanoff?? my name was Nadia Lourde that was the one thing they couldn't take from me.

The women stood up walking down the long halls until we reached a door with a plaque saying "Doctor Hagreaves" Wanda knocked on the door before we were welcomed into the room by an average looking middle aged woman wearing a doctors coat.

She had one of those smiles that you could tell was real, "Welcome to my office today im guessing this is Nadia?" she questioned pointing towards me, "yes this is Nadia just here today for a checkup,aren't we baby?" Wanda spoke cooing the final cooing part "hello Nadia i'm doctor Hagreaves and i'll be checking you for any owies today".

I looked down at the ground;my anxiety was still skyrocketing and Doctor whatever wasn't helping with it at all.

It started off with her just checking my heartbeat,my height and my weight etc 

Everything was fine until she wanted to give me a flu shot.I wasn't a baby or anything but shots were terrifying and something I ultimately despised it was a childhood fear that lasted to adulthood.

The flu shot,my anxiety and my hatred for the women was not a good mix at that moment, "this isn't normal this isn't normal" I whispered saying over and over loud enough for everyone in the room to pick up.

"What isn't normal baby?" Wanda asked me with her eyebrows furrowed. "all of this! You're all acting as if this is normal! Calling me fucking baby!" I practically shouted letting the anger get the best out of me,Natasha hit me on my thigh twice whispering in my ear "little girl you better calm down".

I however had other plans I was not staying put long enough for them to give me a flu shot.

Before Natasha had chance to even hold onto me tighter I jumped out of her lap and grabbed the closest thing which happened to be a pair of medical scissors,I backed away into the corner diverting my attention to them all.

"don't come near me any of you!" I threatened.

Wanda started trying to calm me down it was all too much for my brain to process though,my head hurt and my emotions were getting the better of me causing me to cry.

As the tears kept coming I slid down against the wall until I was in a sitting position with my head resting on my knees and my hands still clutching the scissors;I could see Wanda's lips moving i wasn't able to make out any of the words in my delirious state,Natasha used that to her advantage sneaking up on me while I was focused on Wanda.

Natasha grabbed the scissors out of my hands placing them on some nearby tray and then picked me up.

They signalled something to the doctor who left the room just leaving me and my captors alone,I gulped knowing what was about to happen as I was laid over Natasha's lap.

"We were gonna go to the park after this but you've proved you're still too immature to be outside yet" She said with anger in her tone,unlike last she pulled down the tights and the diaper then pulled up the dress leaving my bare bottom exposed "this time I'm not gonna go so easy you're getting 30 and you have to count them all"

She started the spanking making me cry out in pain as I stuttered out the numbers.

By the 9th my bottom felt like it was on fire that didn't stop Natasha in the slightest and it didn't stop her from giving me extra spanks when I was unable to say a number at the right time.

I would've jumped for joy if not for the pain when I felt her tape the diaper back up,pull my tights up and smooth down the dress finally covering me up.

Just as I thought it was over Wanda speaks up "now apologize for being a naughty girl" I knew I'd have to call them by their 'titles' not willing to risk even an extra spank my bottom couldn't handle it, "I'm sorry for being a...naughty girl...mommy and mama" I said mumbling the last part yet they still accepted it thankfully .


Authors note 

Sorry for the late chapter and that it's short just when I was about to write yesterday some ppl on the discord server went on voice call so I joined them,also I'm sorry if there's any grammar or spelling mistakes I don't have any excuses other than being stupid English is my first language💀 I hope everybody is doing well<3 also thank you for the votes my story is first in two tags right now!

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