chapter 18

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*Nadia's pov*

Since going on the walk 3 days had passed,3 more days in their care and I didn't know what was holding me back.

I couldn't pinpoint what exactly had been stopping me.

There wasn't the excuse of not knowing my surroundings or anything anymore.

Perhaps I was afraid of my attempt failing and being subjected to the humiliation of punishment whilst also losing their trust completely that sounded like a viable reason but I knew the real reason...

Maybe I didn't mind being there as much as I tried telling myself I did,there wasn't anything to worry about they chose and did everything for me.

There wasn't any of the high expectations of my parents to uphold here.

All that was expected of me was to act like a baby which wasn't so bad once you get used to it;sure some parts were humiliating like not being able to use a real bathroom and drinking from a bottle but some was enjoyable.

You could tell from looking at the pair that they were in love with eachother,the way they looked into eachothers eyes and could read eachother so easily.

They had shown me nothing except love making it clear they wanted me to share their love with me.

There was moments where accepting their love wasn't the worst thing in the world,when we watched movies together and we'd all be cuddled with together under a blanket whilst I was sat on one of their laps.That was one of the moments I wanted their love and was willing to accept it.

Maybe they weren't such bad people...


*third person pov*

It was currently evening and Nadia was styling the barbie dolls hair in her playpen since she was bored.

Wanda and Natasha were sat on the couch,Nat had her arm wrapped around Wanda's shoulder as they sat in a comfortable silence which was interrupted by Natasha's phone ringing, "one sec gotta take this" she whispered towards the woman going into the hallway.

The girl looked up hearing the sound and looked into the hallway seeing Nat whisper-talking to somebody;she did not look happy.

As the phone call continued Natasha seemed to be getting more and more angry.

Normally she didn't see her mad unless it was directed towards the girl when she had done something wrong or was defying the women which didn't happen often now.

"Wanda i've been called in i probably wont be back for a couple of hours,Goodnight Nadia i'll see you tomorrow morning baby" she said going over and picking up Nadia giving her a kiss on the head before placing her on the other woman's lap.

She then left leaving the pair.

The girl realised this would probably be the perfect time to escape,well not now but later on so tonight..

Wanda stood up holding the girl taking her the kitchen;it was almost the girls bed time meaning she had to make the bottle there was a slight issue though she couldn't leave the girl in the living room unsupervised,she had to make it in front of her which meant there wasn't a way to put the sleeping pills in.

"it'll be fine its only for one night her behaviour has been better" Wanda told herself in her head as she placed Nadia on the counter,"can you be a good girl and stay there?" she questioned the girl who nodded.

She made the bottle for Nadia after walking around the kitchen to get all the things,she then placed it in the bottle warmer while Nadia swung her legs back and forth lightly.

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