chapter 17

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*third person pov*

The sickness lasted around two days longer,her fever broke on the second day but the throwing up continued until the third.She was feeling much better now though.

Nadia was now back to her completely normal self,if she was being completely honest with herself she had to admit it sort of felt nice being careless and not worrying about constantly escaping...

Sort of.

That still didn't stop her want to escape.

Sure the women were nice and had shown her nothing except compassion however she didn't consent to any of this whatsoever they had taken her from her home,her life,her everything.

Possibly the scariest part was the women and everything else were becoming her life.

She had to get out.


As the weather was starting to get somewhat nicer the women wanted to go on a walk,Nadia did not.

"Nads doesn't a walk through the park sound nice?" Wanda questioned whilst the girl was sitting on her lap facing her,she shook my head.

Getting fresh air did sound nice but if she went out for a walk that meant bystanders seeing her right out in the open;with the doctors and the restuaruant it was in closed walls it felt somehow safer.

Natasha was already elsewhere getting things ready much to the girls dread "Pepper's coming its going to be so fun Nadia" the woman tried to persuade her further.

Nothing could change the girls opinion though she had her mind set.

Nadia sat on Wanda's lap with her arms crossed waiting,she was already dressed in warm clothes and shoes for the walk.

The doorbell rung which Wanda got up with the girl in her arms to answer,once opened Pepper walked in saying hello to the pair as Natasha was elsewhere "Oh Nadia you look so adorable in your little outfit" she said pinching the girls cheek.

With Wanda's nod of the head as approval she took Nadia into her own arms hugging her close.

Even though she didn't feel completely comfortable she hugged pepper back knowing that was what Pepper was waiting for "did the like the doll i got for you the last time i came huh?"

Truth be told the brunette didn't mind the doll she actually enjoyed styling the hair it was something for her to do;she had been a major doll fan her entire childhood so it was nostalgic for her.

Not wanting to respond she nodded her head and put her pacifer in that was dangling from the clip.

Pepper's hold wasn't uncomfortable or anything but it wasn't Wanda's or Nat's she honestly preferred theirs she was used to their hold more.

Natasha came through at last with a bag,Nadia used this to her advantage and reached her arms out to Nat indicating she wanted to be held by Natasha.Playing the 'baby misses her mommy' act worked.

"have you got everything?" Wanda asked Natasha double checking;the woman handed her the bag "yeah you can even check for yourself if you want".

The woman quickly skimmed through the contents inside the bag before deeming it acceptable and placing it on the stroller that sat next to the door,of course Nadia had noticed it but she told herself if she pretended it wasn't there then it wasn't.

If only that logic worked..

Wanda grabbed a jacket from the coat rack besides the door,it was pink so the girl assumed it was for her which it was;she placed the jacket on her whilst she was still on Nat's hip.

Now that the girl was completely dressed they were nearly ready to go all they needed to do was place Nadia in the stroller,Natasha tried placing her in the stroller making the girl grip onto her weakly and try give her best puppy dog eyes "please?" she whimpered trying to convince the woman.It did no such thing as she was placed into it anyway.

They all left the house Wanda pushing the stroller as Pepper and Nat walked beside her.

The further they got from the driveway the higher Nadia's anxiety rose;she did her own little breathing exercises in the stroller and sucked the pacifer which definitely helped with her nerves.

All women were talking as they walked along so Nadia had nothing to do except look at the scenery going on around her maybe it was sort of comforting for her.

Buildings,pigeons and noise thats what she was used to.

There was quite a lot going on it wasn't like there was that many people though and the few that were there were all apart of whatever sick community they had going in together.

It wasn't until they got further,more into the area and walked into a park that something clicked in Nadia's head,she knew the area? it wasn't an area she was completely familiar with but she could probably make her way around it which meant one thing.

She could finally get out?

When she thought of a plan she no longer had the dilemma of not knowing her area,she knew there was a subway station not far from the park thats why she knew the area.

Nadia had to have been around 15/16 at the time and her parents were letting her use the subway by herself for the first time she wasn't exactly paying attention though she was on call to her friend who she was going to visit,so after a mishear she ended up taking the subway here and ended up crying on a bench in this park.

Of course her mother ended up picking her up after a phone call of Nadia crying unsure of where she was.

She wasn't aware of the horrible acts of the place back then though.

The new infomation had the girls head basically spinning trying to process everything that had happened in a short span of time.

"Nads baby? you okay you look a little pale?" Natasha said noticing the young girl looked a when she checked on her;Nadia reacted quickly not wanting to raise any suspisicion she nodded and smiled the best she could with how shocked she was.

she'll be able to talk to her friends and family again,go back to college but most importantly be able to expose the Avengers for what real 'heroes' they were.

Nadia was going to make them get what they deserve or at least thats what she told herself.


Authors note

I dont really like the ending to this chapter but idk how to get it across so deal with it,me and my family are probably gonna be moving over an hour away in 6 or less months its my final year of school though so its probably gonna mess up my exams since i'll have to move schools so thats exciting i can always become a stripper or something,I hope everyone is doing well<3

Song for this chapter:My kind of woman by Mac DeMarco


Another convo I had with my online friends,I sound so cringey in it but still

Another convo I had with my online friends,I sound so cringey in it but still

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