chapter 22

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*third person pov*

Nadia didn't really know what to do now,really nothing was getting her anywhere in this situation she couldn't just call the police for help she bitterly thought to herself.

The thoughts from last night were haunting her,was she really beginning to..not hate the women?

"That was last night i was thinking irrationally in panic,of course!" she thought to herself.

Now it was morning so she had began thinking rationally again and knew that whatever pure nonsense her brain was making up was solely due to her fragile state after the nightmare;it was completely reasonable.

Or thats what she told herself..

This morning she hadn't tried to fight or anything putting it down to being exhausted;not the type of exhaustion that you could sleep away but a mental exhaustion that didn't seem to go.

Trying to fight something you have no control over never works.

"We have to go in today at 11:30 for a meeting" Natasha said to Wanda it pulled Nadia out of her thoughts,she internally rolled her eyes as that meant Evelyn would be going over to watch her so she would have to apologise even when she was in the right.

With Evelyn it was much easier to get her way though,one thing learnt from her time here was manipulation and lying was that a bad thing?

Maybe it was but it sure did help.

She glanced at the living room clock seeing it was 11:04 meaning they would be leaving soon.

Max was finally finished drying and was now back in her arms,she missed the stuffed animal it was slightly embarrasing for her to admit that to herself though.

A couple minutes had passed and Evelyn still wasn't here which was strange,the overexcited girl was always early every single time she was a very uhm uptight person was a light way of putting it.

No knocks on the door or anything this time,nada.

Wanda and Natasha both got ready to leave putting their shoes on; "are you excited? you get to go to work with mommy and mama Nads?" Wanda said going over to pick up Nadia.

The women were still a bit shaken from Nadia's escape attempt so they were going to bring her to the meeting,if she didn't behave she could always sit outside the room with an assistant.

There was no way in hell the girl wanted to go to stark towers it was so crowded with people,people who could watch the degrading acts that were happening to her and being in a room with the Avengers whilst being practically tortured wasn't going to be fun.

Not that she had a single choice in any of this,they weren't going to leave her home alone.


It seemed like car rides never brought anything good:the flu shot,pitiful escape attempt and then the ride of shame home from her most recent escape attempt,this time was no exception to that rule.

Nadia watched as they pulled up to the ominous building's parking lot,the place looked just how it did in pictures if not even flashier.

The girl thought it was an eye sore

There wasn't long she was in the car able to stare at it before Wanda came and picked her up,she closed the door and walked over to Natasha at the other side who had a bag over her arm,"ready?" Nat asked Wanda who smiled and nodded,they made their way inside.

In the building it looked so polished and modern there was not a single shred of comfort whatsoever,everything looked dull.

When they walked the girl was suprised that people weren't staring at her they merely looked her way for a second and turned back,she quickly realised why when she saw Natasha and Wanda glaring at anybody who's eyes lingered.

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