chapter 36

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*Nadia's dream pov*

"Elijah please,i don't want to do this" i said looking away from the angry glare he had placed on me when i had gotten up from the laying down position "Nadia you owe me this,i was your date to that stupid fucking party your parents had" he said.

It wasn't a stupid party it was my parents 30th wedding anniversary.

He said he wanted to go...

"you said you wanted to go Eli" i said standing up "how dense are you? i only went because you're my girlfriend,there was going to be horny teenage boys there" he replied.

"i'd never cheat on you and you know that,stop being ridiculous" i say defensively giving him a shocked look,did he really think i would cheat? suddenly he stood up and grabbed my wrist "do i know that Nadia? do you realise how many boys would love to get a taste of you but theres a difference between me and them" he said in strange tone.

He continued on "they're boys im a man,all they want to do is use you for your body then leave you whereas i want to love and protect you Nadia;you don't know right from wrong babe"

His grip on my wrist was getting increasingly tighter as he spoke.

"please stop you're hurting me!" i said making him let go of my wrist,i sighed in relief for a second rubbing my sore wrist however Eli then grabbed my chin forcing me to look up at him "Nadia i only hurt you because i love you!" he said with a cross look on his face.

"Nobody is ever going to love you like i do baby,any other man would hurt you for their enjoyment but im different from them honey" he said stroking my face with his other hand.

I could do nothing except look into his eyes "honestly you're lucky to have me Nadia,no man could ever love you as much as i love you,im sorry for getting mad its only because i want to protect you Nads" he said making my eyes soften as i tried to nod my head.

He let go of my chin allowing me to hug him "i love you Eli" i said hugging him.

"i love you too baby" he said.


*Nadia's pov*

I wake up from the nightmare with my heart violently beating against my chest,only it wasn't a nightmare that was my life...


A person who i hadn't thought about in months! i thought i was beginning to get over him!

Tears rolled down my cheeks as i sat up on the bed moving my legs to dangle off the side,why did i have to dream of him? why not anything else,anything at all would be better than him even actual torture.

Sighing i stood up,no point to dwell on it now that it already happened.

I walked over to Sam's side of the bed grabbing his phone and unlocking it,he told me the passcode earlier when i wanted to play games on it;i missed the simplicities of life.

A part of me considered calling either Wanda or Natasha and just crying to them asking them to pick me up so they could comfort me but i had to be strong;i was still mad at both of them i couldn't forgive easily,look where that got me with Elijah!

After checking the time and seeing it was 02:54 i put the phone back down gently.

I left the room quietly venturing into the living room which was empty,silent and dark just how i liked it.

Sitting beside the window i curled myself into a ball allowing myself to silently cry whilst staring out of the window enjoying the view,i always used to do this when i lived in my college dorm room it was relaxing;better with the windows open however i had to make do.

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