chapter 45

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*third person pov*

A couple months had past since Nadia had found out about the truth and now spring was in full swing.

In the few months that had gone by Nadia had tried her best to really get into her delegated role,she didn't want to be held down by all the confusing thoughts in her head so she simply tried not to let herself.

Maybe she had given up on her escape as she knew it wasn't possible so that's why she decided to comply or maybe she loved the women and wanted their approval,she constantly told herself it was the former as she didn't want to accept the latter.

Although no matter what she did she always had a nagging thought in the back of her mind telling her that everything that was going on wasn't okay.

So she did whatever she could to distract herself from that reminder in her head.

Colouring,watching movies,baking,cuddling with the women,playing with dolls or stuffed animals;those were just some of the examples.

She had even had multiple sleepovers with Sam at the avengers tower which was mostly just her eating the candy she had been deprived of at home and falling asleep midway through movies in sam's bed but she loved it all.

The girl of course missed both women even if it was only for a day but she knew that the next morning she would get to run and hug the women as soon as they stepped in the living room.

Nadia knew deep down she had become codependent whether she liked it or not.

Natasha and Wanda obviously loved the fact that Nadia had accepted her new life,they still noticed the small things though like how she would slightly flinch sometimes when they picked her up or how she would hold her breath in  for a second when they undressed her for baths yet they pretended not to.

Now they fully trusted her and she was allowed to go out more to places like the park and unlike a couple months ago she was now allowed to stay in a room alone by herself as long as she quietly played if Wanda or Natasha needed to go do something elsewhere in the home.

She was never left alone for long maybe 20 minutes max.

The keys were also left carelessly around.

Whenever they went to the playground Nadia stepped outside of her comfort zone and tried playing with the brainwashed adults,they slightly scared her.

Yes they were practically harmless babies but she was scared that would happen to her one day.

No matter how much she complied she swore to herself she would rather die than become one of them,she was holding onto her last bit of saneness even if that was slowly withering away everytime she sucked a pacifier or drank from a bottle.

One thing she could always rely on to keep her in check was her weekly playdates with Jaxx,they made a promise to each other that they would be allowed to slap the other if they did become like that.

On the punishment side of things Nadia rarely ever got punished.

Anytime she was punished it was solely because she was refusing to eat her vegetables or when it was time for Jaxx and her to part otherwise she was an angel.

Even in her previous life she was never the type to fight on things,she let things slide past her rather than making a fuss about things.

So whenever she felt the need to argue she bit her tongue and counted to 5 in her head.


*Nadia's pov*

I woke up to Natasha shaking me slightly,I grumbled and turned over "not now mommy" I mumbled.

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