chapter 61

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*Nadia's pov*

I stand there shaking as an uncontrolled cry leaves my mouth drawing all the attention to me and In this moment I wish I could curl up and die.

Surprisingly the look on their faces didn't soften as my cries worsened.

"Get your ass over here Nadia we're leaving and then you're getting punished as soon as we step through the door!" Wanda screams at me making me continue to stay paused in my spot whilst the tears keep coming.

Getting rather impatient she tries to come and get me but she's stopped by Nat placing a tight grip on her wrist making Wanda look back at her confused.

"You're angry and you can't take it out on Nadia" she says in a tone that shows she's not playing around "let go of me" Wanda replies through gritted teeth staring at me.

Even though she's not talking to me the anger in her voice makes me flinch and move my arms to cover my stomach wanting to curl into myself as much as possible, I felt small; she made me feel small.

I wasn't used to seeing such an angry side of her especially directed towards me.

The rage on her face is painfully evident "Nat I'm not going to hurt her let go of me" she says still through gritted teeth "no" Nat responds blankly "no?" Wanda questions "maybe you won't think you're hurting her but you're already hurting her just by being angry, I mean look at her" she states using her free hand to point at me.

Feeling their stares practically burning into my skin I look at the floor whilst the tears came rushing down faster.

"She tried to escape it's only reasonable to punish her" Wanda defended her anger "yes we're going to punish her but not when you're angry, you're never thinking clearly when you're angry so don't do something you'll regret" Natasha replies.

This seems to do the trick as I don't hear Wanda protesting anymore, when I finally managed to look up I noticed she had a soft expression on her face.

Wanda took a deep breath as Natasha released her grip on the arm however she still kept it in place making it clear that she didn't fully trust the woman's newfound peace, i couldn't blame her as I didn't either.

When Wanda took that deep breath it seemed as if everybody in the room let out a breath they didn't even know that they were holding in.

A couple minutes had passed and she was now walking towards me only to be stopped by Sam who stepped in front of her on instinct, he mumbled a quick apology and moved allowing Wanda to walk to me; she picked me up making my body tense and the look on her was pained when I had done that, I couldn't help it though.

She didn't say anything after picking me up and instead walked to Natasha.

"I'm sorry for slapping you Sam but if you ever and I mean ever hold information about my baby from me again it'll be much worse than a slap" she said jokingly but there was definitely a threatening undertone to it.

It was clear that it was not a joke even though she was laughing.

Natasha stroked my hair for a brief couple of seconds before pulling her hand away although it looked like it was a hard thing for her to do.

Straight after she lightly clapped her hands together "I think it's best me,Wanda and Nadia should leave now" Natasha said however I started to squirm remembering the thing I had left in Sam's room.

Wanda looked at me confused "stop squirming Nadia" she told me not that it stopped me "I need to get mommy's hoodie" I whined not even caring if this was worsening my punishment "what sweetie?" Natasha questioned at the mention of her title.

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