chapter 35

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*third person pov*

Nadia slept in Pepper and Tony's room like she had last time she stayed there overnight,this time she wasn't awake first though when she woke up she was alone in the room not that she minded.

Unlike yesterday today she didn't feel as stressed;the conversation she had with Sam had helped her somewhat or at least gave her a different perspective on her issues.

The girl wasn't given much alone time with Pepper seeing her awake on the baby moniter they had set up for her, "good morning Nadia" she cooed walking into the room seeing the girl sat up in the crib,Nadia yawned still quite sleepy.

After that Nadia had been taken into the dining room eating breakfast with Sam and Clint whilst Pepper sat there sipping on her coffee saying it was "too early to eat anything".

Slowly the brunette was gaining her appetite back and managed to eat half of her breakfast.

Once Nadia had finished with her breakfast Pepper got her dressed and braided her hair nicely tying it off with ribbons saying "looking nice on the outside can never do any harm with helping you feel nice on the inside",the girl had to admit her hair looked pretty.

Now the girl was sat on the couch with Sam watching yet another childish tv show,she had coloured before but colouring a picture can only last so long.

She wanted distractions without them it made her think,she didn't want to think about all the things going on in her life all she wanted to do was enjoy a carefree day at least.


*Nadia's pov*

I spit out the pacifer that Pepper had placed in my mouth previously,i moved my body so my head was hanging upside down on the edge of the couch "im bored" i groaned towards Sam who laughed at me.

"well if you're really that bored i guess you wont mind if i do this.." he said picking me up hanging me upside down fully "stop it!" i squealed as he started tickling me.

Our moment of fun was quickly stopped by a disapproving Pepper walking in and seeing us "stop Sam you're gonna mess up her hair,do you know how hard it is to braid her hair whilst shes constantly squirming?" she said making me blush slightly as Sam set me back up right.

"buzzkill" i mumbled crossing my arms "what did you say Nadia?" she asked sarcastically which took me by suprise,i need to learn how speak quieter "uhm pretty,you look really pretty today" i said messing with the ribbon on the left braid slightly trying to play the innocent little girl act,

To be honest i had to say she was scary,it didn't matter if she wasn't an Avenger she was still pretty damn terrifying "thank you Nadia" she said leaving me and Sam alone again.

Now i was back to square one of being bored again "wanna do something fun Nadia?" Sam questioned making me smile and nod "okay but you can't tell Pepper promise? or else she would kill me" he said making me laugh.

I rolled my eyes slightly at his words "cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye" i said dramatically mocking his tone.

He picked me up which i allowed him to do,i placed my arms around his neck as he carried me to what im guessing is his room? he placed me on his bed as he opened a closet door making me look curiously,he rooted around for a couple of minutes before pulling a box out.

Placing it on the bed he signalled for me to open it which i did,inside was a box full of candy making me smile "probably about once a month everybody tries going on a healthkick so i keep a stash of candy just in case,for occasions like these" he explained as i stared at all the candy;i hadn't had stuff like this in so long!

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