chapter 55

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*third person pov*

The next couple of days Nadia had stayed with her sister Lexi in her guest bedroom and for the most part it was well however Nadia's lack of explanation about her experience and unwillingness to call her parents irritated Lexi.

She kept her mouth shut though trying to sympathise with the brunette.

In her mind she thought if she was patient with Nadia then the girl would eventually open up but her patience was slowly withering away as she heard the girl sobbing each night.

Other than that they were both getting on well,it was installing hope in Nadia that maybe things were going to be better this time unlike every other time.

So overall things were okay for her,one issue that she hadn't anticipated was her trouble with using the bathroom;for the most part she made it in the day.

Nighttime was a different story as she couldn't control what she did unconscious.

It didn't matter if she made sure to go to the bathroom right before she slept the outcome was still the same every morning for her,Lexi was of course nice to her about the whole situation but Nadia was still very much so frustrated with herself for it.

This morning was no different for her,she woke up with a familiar wet spot in between her thighs that she had gotten to know all too well.

She got up from the bed and ran her things through her hair.

Wanting to get changed she took off her oversized hoodie that she had taken from Natasha,she had been wearing it to sleep every night as it had Nat's scent on it.

The scent was a smell you'd associate with homeyness and sweetness.

The girl shivered as the air hit her skin,she was only wearing a vest shirt underneath the hoodie and the damp shorts were doing nothing to warm up the girl who now had goosebumps from the cold.

Not feeling like showering she walked to the bathroom and cleaned herself up with wipes until she deemed herself clean enough,she got changed into her new outfit in the bathroom for convenience,brushed her teeth and brushed her hair.

Finally feeling up and ready for the day she stepped out of the room with a smile on her face; 'fake it till you make it' she bitterly thought to herself.

Today was gonna be the day that she called her parents and told them or at least that's what she was telling herself.

Walking back to the guest room she started planning her day.

When she got to the room she was met with a bare bed 'Lexi must've took the sheets whilst I was in the bathroom' she thought not that it minded her,what did concern her was the lack of Natasha's hoodie,she had left it on the bed now it was gone.

She was frantic looking all over the bed and the floor trying to find it.

Nadia was terrified of losing one of the last things she had of the women yet everyday she still told herself that she didn't miss it there,that she didn't miss them.

What made her pause was when she caught look of herself in the mirror,she looked utterly pathetic to herself.

Wanting the hoodie meant missing and wanting Natasha and that was something she definitely didn't do! She did not miss Natasha nor Wanda or that's what she kept telling herself over and over again whenever she thought about them.

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