chapter 59

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*third person pov*

At about 4 am the girl had woken up from her sleep,she was still sleepy however she was always really thirsty and in the end her need for a beverage overpowered her want to sleep.

She got up from the bed rubbing her eyes,Nadia looked over at Sam who was still sound asleep and then she left the room heading to the kitchen.

When she walked in she switched the light on which made her groan at the sudden brightness to her still half asleep eyes,it took a couple of minutes of her eyes being closed for her to gain the courage to open them again and fortunately the light was less bright this time for her.

Nadia walked over to the cabinet she was pretty sure the cups were kept it.

Opening the cabinet her assumption had been correct but there was only one small problem which was they were all too high for her to even reach.

Sighing to herself she weighed out her options right now.

The options her mind thought of was option one drink straight from the tap like some maniac or option two try to climb up on the counter to be able to reach it.

Obviously she chose the latter however it proved to be difficult for her as she lacked good upper arm strength especially when tired and she wasn't exactly gifted in the height department,this all meant that it was practically impossible for her.

After a couple minutes of hopelessly trying to get herself on the counter she slumped her shoulders in defeat resorting to the next thing.

She walked into the dining room and dragged one of the chairs into the kitchen.

Placing it next to the counter she proudly stood on top of it and got onto the counter right below the already open cabinet,she internally praised herself as she grabbed a sippy cup holding it in her hands.

"What're you doing there?" Sam questioned from behind her making her accidentally drop the sippy cup in her panic "Jesus Christ" she mumbled placing her hand over her racing heart making Sam laugh at her "you're so jumpy" he chuckled.

The girl muttered a curse word under her breath as she got off the counter retrieving the cup she had just dropped,luckily it was plastic or else it would've smashed.

"You never answered the question" the man reminded "is it not obvious what I'm doing,how many uses does a cup have?" she sarcastically asked not realising her mistake "you'd be supris—" he began but was cut off with the girl covering her ears with her hands making noises to cover it.

He chuckled at her antics and she finally let go of her ears unimpressed "I'd rather suck on a pacifier covered in dishsoap then listen to your sex jokes" she said seriously "it wasn't sexual,not my fault you took it that way" the man defended.

In response he received an eye roll "continue with that and the soapy pacifier can be arranged princess" he said condescendingly just to annoy her.

Not letting his words get to her she unscrewed the lid to the cup and placed the cup under the water dispenser that was on the fridge listening to the sound of the water hitting the plastic.

Once it had been filled she screwed the cap back into it and took a sip.

All whilst Sam watched her "surprised you didn't get a glass" he commented "I guess I'm used to it" she replied with a blush in her face taking another sip.

He placed a hand on her shoulder "it's nothing to be embarrassed about Nadia,sometimes we get used to things we don't want necessarily want at first and then we begin to love them unwillingly like you with your....sippy cup" he added the last bit on quickly.

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