chapter 62

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(The chapter I had already began writing so thought I may as well finish it)

*third person pov*

"Nadia if you're lying to lessen your punishment it won't work" Natasha said sighing thinking the girl was lying as she didn't want to deal with the punishments.

Immediately the girl shook her head profusely "i swear i'm not lying" she quickly said.

Both women eyed her confused "please just listen to me, you can punish me as much as you want but please don't be disappointed in me" she said almost begging whilst she cried as she worked herself up.

Natasha and Wanda were sat on the couch together and when Nadia said the last part Wanda moved to the side creating space in the middle and she patted the seat.

Since she had been signalled to go there she shakily walked over, her legs felt like jello which she assumed was due to all of her crying.

When she had gotten to the couch much to Wanda's suprise instead of sitting in the vacant space she instead opted for Wanda's lap seeing as she was the angriest at her earlier, as soon as the girl sat in her lap her body relaxed instinctively.

After sitting down she let the pacifer that she had been sucking fall into her lap.

It was only then that Nadia decided to speak again "please dont be disappointed in me please please please don't hate me" the girl sobbed confusing the women even further "who said we're disappointed Nadia?" Wanda questioned being concerned by the girls irrational and emotional behaviour.

"Nobody had to tell me I already know, I disobeyed your rules so you hate me now and I'm sorry I'll do better" she apologised profusely at both of the women.

Wanda shushed her whilst she kept apologising as her sobs worsened which led to shallow breaths, she tried placing the pacifier in the girls mouth however it was quickly spat out "please don't hate me" Nadia said.

She was beginning to let her intrusive thoughts get the best of her.

The room was becoming too suffocating for her to deal with and it felt like the walls were closing in on her leading her into a full blown panic attack.

"Nadia take deep breaths, breath in count to 5 then breath out okay?" Wanda tried comforting the girl and fortunately she listened, it took a while before her breathing became somewhat normal and her sobs lessened into quiet cries.

All whilst this was happening Wanda was stroking her back and Natasha was whispering reassuring words still being unsure of how to comfort the girl completely.

When she was able to she quietly sighed "see yet another problem I caused" Nadia mumbled; all she ever seemed to do was cause problems for the women no matter how much love they gave her, she was ungrateful for their love she literally tried to escape for her own selfish reasons!

Natasha was not going to tolerate this self hating behaviour "Nadia if I ever hear you say any of those words again I'll wash your mouth out with soap, new rule is going to be no self deprecating as your amazing,smart and not a problem" she stated.

The girl looked up eyeing her with teary version "you really don't hate me?" She asked "of course we don't hate you, maybe you worried me and mommy so much and maybe we're going to punish you but that isn't because we hate you" Wanda told her.

"We're punishing you because we love you" Natasha finished off Wanda's sentence "that sounds stupid" Nadia mumbled in response.

"That's what we do for the people we love, Nadia if somebody was an alcoholic would you send them to rehab or would you let them go back out?" Natasha rhetorically asked her and the girl almost rolled her eyes at the ironic question.

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