chapter 19

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*third person pov*

Walking barefoot Nadia reached the park they had been at days before it felt different,now she was an independent woman again how exciting...

She sat down after finding a bench only having the street lights to guide her.

There was a lot to think about right there she'd gotten out and left now she had to think of a plan of action she couldn't just walk around all night it was dangerous,all she had was 20 bucks.

The park was empty for the most part all that could be seen was a women in the near distance she looked harmless though 5'6 at the most, "you okay miss?" she asked Nadia as she approached closer clearly concerned at the shorter woman sitting in dungarees barefoot by herself.

"uhm..yeah better than okay actually!" Nadia answered enthusiastically as reality was starting to sink in "okay have a nice night" the woman said beginning to walk away now having confirmation the girl was okay "you too" the brunette said at the woman.

Nadia was overjoyed she was spoken to like a normal member of society just a regular person,she wasn't cooed at or laughed at it felt so good.

In her excitement she forgot about her full situation and regretted not asking the woman if she could call her parents on her phone if she had one,she wasn't fully out yet she reminded herself.

That made her realise she should probably get moving so she got up and began walking again.

A small sharp rock got caught under her foot making her wince and bleed a little as it cut her but that didn't stop her she just made sure to look at the ground she was walking on,in a matter of no time she was out of the park and now walking in the street again.

Most stores and places on the streets she walked beside were closed the one exception being a small convenience store at the corner of a street which was open.

She walked into it and saw herself on the small tv that was placed at the front as some security measure or whatever;she truly looked a bit insane her curls had been messed up from the walking leaving it frizzy and overall her outfit was a mess as well.

Some old 90's song was playing on a Radio sat on the counter in there.

After walking around the minimal isles of the store all she had picked up was a bottle of water.

All the walking had left her slightly dehydrated and plus it was only a dollar fifty,she placed her item on the counter waiting for the worker to scan it she looked up making eye contact with him;he didn't look fazed probably assuming she was some coke addict.

The item was scanned in silence,"sir do you know where the nearest police station is?" Nadia questioned knowing it would be better to ask than to walk around more,she figured she could just call her parents at the station when she arrived there as well.

A look of worry was on his face hearing her question but he didn't question it "if you walk about two blocks and take a left it should be there".

She handed him the twenty dollar bill telling him to keep the change not needing the money it wasn't as if it was hers anyways and before he could say anything she left the store saying a quiet thank you.

As she started walking she drunk from the plastic water bottle,the liquid felt satisfying against her dry throat.

First purchase as a free woman again.

Walking the streets of New York at night gave her deja vu although most times she had done it before she was drunk with her friends walking home after using fake ID's to get drunk at bars,oh how the times have changed she would get to see her friends again now.

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