chapter 56

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*third person pov*

"Nadia can you stay on the line,I've tracked your location but please stay on the line" Sam said and you could hear him moving through the call.

The girl nodded before realising that he couldn't see it "okay" she muttered.

There wasn't much for her to do except stand on the sidewalk sobbing whilst her shaky hands gripped the phone as if they were holding onto it for dear life,as she waited Sam talked to her through the phone which helped distract her from her worrying.

She could hear the sound of Sam's car through the phone and it made her feel safe knowing that Sam was coming to get her.

The phone call continued until Sam saw Nadia's small sobbing figure on the sidewalk and ended the call telling her he was there and was going to get her.

Quickly he parked the car and got out going over to the girl.

Instinctively as soon as she saw him she gripped onto him wrapping both her arms around his stomach due to the height difference for the pair, "what happened princess?" he calmly asked rubbing her back.

The girl who was still sobbing was finding it difficult to get her words "s-she said I was..selfish" she cried hugging Sam tighter if that was possible.

"Who?" he questioned whilst he picked up the girl.

"L-Lexi" she stuttered and saying her name just made her sob harder for before as Sam began walking her over to the car "who's Lexi?" he asked confused however he received no answer as the girl was too inconsolable now.

Shifting the girl so that her weight was solely on his left arm he opened the car door and put her in the car seat,she was too caught up with all the crying to even notice as he did up the buckles.

Sam didn't really know what to do to calm the girl,it seemed that no matter how much he stroked her hair or tried calming her through words it wasn't working.

Rubbing his temples he gave up and decided she would eventually have to stop.

He closed her door and got into the drivers seat,he figured that the sooner he got back home the sooner he could get her warmed up and watching a movie which hopefully would calm her down,that normally seemed to make her happy.

The car began to drove as Nadia cried in the backseat seemingly sobbing her heart out,he was surprised her small body could product that much noise and tears.

When he heard the noise quiet down he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him until he looked into his mirror and saw the girl slowly falling asleep in the car seat,the crying seemed to have taken a toll on her.

Sam enjoyed the newfound silence he had as he drove.

By the time they had made it back to the Avengers tower Nadia was fully asleep.

After parking her opened up the backseat,unbuckled the buckles and gently picked up the brunette who snuggled into his warmth as her body touched his.

A sad smile appeared on his face as he carried the girl inside,it relieved him finally seeing the girl so calm however he knew that she was only that calm because she had worn herself out from crying so hard.

As he got into the elevator he made sure to silence Friday not wanting to wake anybody up or bring attention to the pair.

Fortunately everyone seemed to be asleep or elsewhere as he walked in yet he still wasted no time walking to his room with the girl still asleep in his arms.

When he had placed her on the bed he noticed a wet patch around her crotch area.

He sighed.


*Sam's pov*

It was clear that Nadia had wet herself as she laid on my bed in her soggy shorts as her mind was still contently dreaming.

"Is that Nadia?" a voice questioned from the doorframe.

That voice belonged to Pepper,I turned around and moved out of the way allowing her to see the girl "oh my god we have to call Natasha and Wan—" she said clearly shocked to see the girl who had been missing right in front of her.

"Don't call Natasha or Wanda" I cut her off swiftly "why not?" She inquired to me "she called me not them,if she wanted Natasha and Wanda she would've called them but she called me" I told her.

A conflicted look was on Pepper's face "they're so worried though" she justified "yes but I'm not calling them until I have Nadia's consent" I shut her down.

She knew by the tone of my voice I wasn't playing around.

Pepper nodded still with an unimpressed look on her face "so if you want to help you can start by finding her one of my t-shirts to wear and getting her some appropriate underwear whilst I run her bath as she's had an accident" I informed her.

Leaving temporarily I went to the bathroom starting the bath adding some bubble bath to it even if she wasn't conscious,everybody liked bubbles.

Whilst the bath was running I went back to the room seeing a t-shirt and a diaper laid on the bed for Nadia to wear afterwards.

"Thank you" I plainly stated "you know I still really think you should call them" Pepper tried once again persuading me, "do you want to help me bathe her or not?" I asked changing the subject again;my answer wasn't going to change in this topic.


*third person pov*

The pair bathed her in silence not wanting to clash their options on the situations yet again,Pepper might've been stubborn however Sam was not about to backstab his friend whether she was technically a child or not.

Once she had been dried and changed into her makeshift pyjamas Pepper said goodnight to the girl and left leaving an asleep Nadia and Sam alone.

A pacifier had been placed in her mouth by Pepper before she had left the room.

Sam tucked her in the bed making sure she was warm enough and when he deemed her cozy and warm enough he went to his own side of the bed.

Getting into the bed he couldn't help but move Nadia over to him.

He laid there as she cuddled into him,a smile tugged his lips as he reached over grabbing one of the stuffed animals he had on the bed and placed it in her arms;it wasn't Max but it had to do for the night.

Nadia hugged the stuffed animals in her arms tightly.

"Goodnight princess" he mumbled after he had given the girl a gentle kiss on the forehead,he knew that soon she would have to go back to Nat and Wanda.

So in the meantime whilst the girl was staying with him temporarily he was going to make the most of it.

Sam had missed his best friend and was almost certain that she missed him as well.


Authors note

Not much happened in this chapter but enjoy,today my English teacher said "I think everybodies a bit gay,nobody is 100% straight" so I think bestie is a bit sus however we move past that anyways I hope everyone is doing well<3

(Me to anybody who comments on my story)

Song for this chapter:I/me/myself by Will Wood

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Song for this chapter:I/me/myself by Will Wood


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