Chapter 10

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*third person pov*

The girl ended up having to get the flu shot resulting in some teary eyes that were quickly wiped away by Wanda and Natasha but other than that she was fine and got a sticker to take home much to her distaste.

Nadia hadn't acted out since she got home too afraid of getting in more trouble,it's not as if she acted the part they wanted her to play she just didn't protest it.

In her mind It still wasn't giving in if she didn't enjoy it.

Everything had gone so smoothly afterwards: eating lunch,colouring,watching a movie,'playing' in the playpen,eating dinner and the worst out of all the constant attention and cooing.

The brunette thought if she heard another sentence in a babyish tone her head was going to explode out of irritation.

Overall today seemed like a win for both the makeshift parents they'd even managed to force her to use the diaper by doing the same thing Wanda had done yesterday which obviously resulted in crying however it was still a win in their book.

It was turning to evening now they'd just had a nice 'family' dinner together,Nadia was annoyed because she could swear that Wanda has purposely got her face messy while feeding her just to humiliate her.

She was 19 for gods sake she could eat food without getting food all over her mouth.

Nadia was confused instead of being taken to the 'play pen' for some playtime which was her favourite thing! not,she'd been taken upstairs it seemed too early for a 'bedtime' even for babies.

They took her to a door which she had not seen yet.

The door was opened and inside it contained a bathroom;the bathroom was nice having polished tile and a large tub that wasn't what the girl was thinking about though.

Obviously they weren't taking her in there to use the toilet so that probably meant one thing...

Bath time

Fuck no she thought inside her head the diaper changes were bad enough having the women see her body but being exposed to them for longer than 10 minutes was simply too long.

However the thing holding her back from protesting was her poor sore bottom that was ignited in pain everytime she sat down or one of the woman hold her too tight.

Natasha walked over and started drawing the bath as Wanda sat Nadia down on the closed toilet seat to start to try undress her.

"I don't need a bath" Nadia tried to reason with the woman trying whatsoever in her power to avoid the awkwardness "of course you do silly you don't want to be a smelly baby do you?" Wanda said poking the girl in the stomach. "Don't you wanna be nice and clean sweetie?" Natasha pitched in to the conversation turning around.

She sighed as her clothes were being stripped away from her body she didn't have any fight left in her for today though; she would make up for it again tomorrow she told herself.

Her pigtails were taken out letting the brunette locks cascade down to around mid-back she had been meaning to get a hair cut before it all happened her hair was already thick it was too annoying to deal with.

The dreaded bath was finally finished and the faucets were turned off.

The bath was full of bubbles which was a godsend in the girls opinion at least it would make the ordeal a tad more bearable for her not by much but still a little bit.

As she was placed in she felt the warm water around her body making her body shiver at the sudden change in temperature although it quickly adjusted,the bubbles came up to just below her collarbone.

She felt an unwelcome stream of water being poured over her head getting her hair ready to be washed,Nadia tried to zone out looking for any sort of escape there was a couple bath toys in the tub floating around in the abundance of bubbles.She glared at the toys it's as if they were only there to add to her discomfort.

Natasha started rubbing in a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner into the girls hair trying to scrub it all in gently ensuring it would be clean.

The girl closed her eyes trying to imagine it was literally anybody else doing this to her because it was relaxing she had to admit,nobody had gave her this type of affectionate touch in so long it felt nice.

It sort of took her mind off the whole being exposed aspect,the anxiety was still lingering inside her though.

The hair washing wasn't the worst what came next was far worse..having her body cleaned;the touch of the women was still unnerving to her and it was horrible having them touch her bare skin no consent or anything.

Her breath hitched in fear feeling Natasha rub her intimate parts her hands didn't linger though just cleaned them then went to wash another part of her body relieving the girl,the whole baby thing was harrowing but it was still better than what they could do to her.

A bit of her was kind of thankful.

Key word 'kind of' it wasn't enjoyable in the slightest only tolerable.


After the bath she was encased in a fluffy towel and changed into some comfy pyjamas aka a onesie that resembled a dog which made both women coo over her calling her "their little puppy".

Natasha had gotten a bottle for the girl making sure to put in more sleeping pills than before so the girl would stay asleep for the whole night and some bladder weakening pills.

The girl laid on Wanda's lap with max in her hands stroking the stuffed animals fur.

She accepted the bottle in her mouth welcoming the milk swallowing it as it came out;her eyes were already half closed getting heavy ready to sleep being half-aware of what was going on around her as Natasha read her a childish storybook like parents with small children would.

The last thought in her mind before she was fully asleep was how she'd find a way to escape no matter what she'd try everything possible.

Tomorrow was going to be a new chance for her.


Authors note 

This chapter is kind of dry which I apologize for but hey at least it's earlier than usual,I've gotten into my first big argument with my closest online friend so debating whether to be petty and ignore her,take all the stuff in my room down that reminds me of her or apologize and let everything slide so just like #gatekeep #gaslight #girlboss vibes rn.

Enough with my petty whining thank you guys for everything,I hope you're all okay it makes me smile seeing the same ppl vote on chapters 

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