chapter 43

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*third person pov*

Stockholm syndrome
noun: Stockholm syndrome
feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor.

Whatever Stockholm syndrome was Nadia knew she had it,she'd woken up from her nap in Natasha and Wanda's bed alone and now she was laid awake thinking about her actions earlier,what she felt after she said those things to Wanda was genuine guilt as she felt bad for her captor.

Her captor.

No matter the way you say it that's what she'll always officially be to Nadia,she might also be the girls 'mama' but regardless she'll still be her captor as well.

The girl sucked on the pacifier that had been placed in her mouth after she fell asleep maybe it was easier for her to play happy families,when she really got into the role as their 'baby' she was careless until reality kicked in again.

She sat up rubbing any remaining sleepiness from her eyes and yawned letting the pacifier fall out of her mouth not caring.

There wasn't much for her to do except from sit there as she knew if she got up and went to find the women they'd most likely get mad and say she could've 'hurt' herself.

Nadia was still their baby after all.

More time passed than she realised when she had zoned out in her thoughts as she heard the door opening and saw Wanda or well heard her before she even saw her "why didn't you call out for me and mommy?" She asked as she went over to the girl.

Instead of replying Nadia looked up at her as Wanda moved onto another topic "how was your nap babygirl?" She asked making Nadia shrug.

Accepting the fact she wasn't going to receive an answer assuming it was just down to the girl still being tired she picked up Nadia and placed her on her hip,Nadia quietly sighed as she felt Wanda's unwelcomed hand feeling around her crotch.

That was 100% something she would always despise.


*Nadia's pov*

For my outburst earlier my punishment was that I had to wear a strap on pacifier for the rest of the day saying as I didn't use my words 'nicely' before I had to learn by not being able to use them at all.

Totally so stupid in my opinion however I could still talk it was just horribly lisped which was worse than not being able to speak at all.

Another part of the 'punishment' I think was humiliating me although it was never said directly,whenever I had to answer questions they cooed at how I was forced to mispronounce words with the pacifier in my mouth.

"Look at how adorable she looks I think we should take a photo of her to send to Sam" I heard Nat say whilst I was sat down colouring it was obvious she wanted me to hear.

I tried ignoring her "awww I'm sure he'll love it seeing her pigtails and that bit of her diaper showing" Wanda replied to Natasha making me blush profusely and pull my outfit down to cover the bit peaking out which made both the women laugh watching me.

Mustering up my best angry glare I looked at them "stop laughing" I said getting even more embarrassed when my words were lisped.

"What baby?" Wanda asked I would've assumed it was because she was trying to humiliate me further but even I had to admit it was hard to understand myself.

Still annoyed I rolled my eyes going back to my colouring.

Currently I was colouring a picture of a fox as Max sat in my lap whilst I did it,I stroked him every once and a while liking the texture of his fur.

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