chapter 12

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*Nadia's pov*

It was late morning now nearly afternoon and knowing i had the key made me feel so much better about everything it felt as if part of this heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders,i hadn't demised a plan i'd be thinking about it though.

One thing i've realised is that for any of this to work i had to behave and gain their trust so they didn't have their guards up all the time which was what i was doing right now.

Me and Natasha were on the couch together with a blanket over us as i sat on her lap watching 101 Dalmations while Wanda was at training,i had max in my hands of course even though i was technically alone in this he is my salvation.

We were both 'watching' the movie but i had demised a plan to play out hoping it would have its intended purpose, "mommy?" i questioned looking up at Natasha "huh baby? are you thirsty?" she softly asked looking down at me;i lifted my head up and kissed her on the cheek then rested me head down on her chest getting comfy.

I could almost feel the smile on her face as she began playing with my hair that was tied into two french braids done by Wanda.

This is one of the moments where its bearable even enjoyable at the most,i craved the affection just from people in general the whole baby thing was horrifying and disturbing i could confidently say but it sort of feels nice having a person touching me like this.

Most likely it was a small part of my brain trying to look for a positive in a situation filled to the brim with negatives,there was no way i wanted this no way.


*third person pov*

Wanda had returned back home long ago and now the trio was together in the living room,Nadia was sat on the floor with Wanda 'playing' with some stuffed animals with her trying to kill the time while Natasha sat back watching the wholesome scene unfold.

The girl knew the game was childish but it was either that or go in the playpen by herself.

Something Nadia didn't know was that soon there was fourth guest joining them soon no one other than pepper potts herself.

They knew it was best for her to only meet with one person at first she'd only just adjusted to Wanda and Natasha so they didn't want to push too far or with a man that would tower over the girl.

Suddenly the doorbell rang distracting the girl,she watched as Natasha walked over towards it revealing a blonde woman on the other side who Nadia knew was involved with the avengers her name was something Potts,she hadn't cared that much about the Avengers to remember all the names and whatnot.

Her anxiety was rising at the unknown person of course she looked nice but it was still scary nonetheless.

The blonde hugged Natasha as she was welcomed inside saying greetings to her and then diverting her attention to the small girl that sat on the floor.

Nadia saw she was holding a bag and felt slightly inquisitive not that she would mention it with her anxiety though,pepper knowing her staring and drew attention to it "Hey Nadia im auntie Pepper it is so lovely to meet you little girl,i brought you a present want to see?" she said like she was talking to a toddler who didn't understand.

"Pepper you shouldn't have,Nads already has enough toys right baby?" Wanda said looking at the blonde,the young girl wasn't sure if she was supposed to answer so she stayed silent from her spot on the floor "nonsense! a little girl could never have enough toys" pepper joked.

Her and Natasha walked over to the pair on the floor as Wanda was getting up;Natasha picked up Nadia and took her over to the couch placing her on her lap while Wanda and Pepper sat down next to them,pepper being closer.

The bag was handed to Nadia who was unsure of what to do with it "go ahead and open it silly girl" Natasha laughed.

Pulled out of the bag was a doll specifically a dress up doll that came with numerous outfits the girls eyes scanned over it looking at all its contents she gave a fake smile at the gift not wanting to act rude to this stranger she hadn't met before.

"what do you say baby to auntie pepper?" Natasha asked the girl who quickly caught on "thank you...auntie pepper" she mumbled moving on her captors lap to be in arms reach to hug the woman.

The blonde quickly returned the hug "what a polite little miss" she said causing the brunette to slightly blush at the compliment.

After the girl was passed over to pepper who stroked her back as she just sat on her lap unsure of how to respond,the women talked with eachother leaving Nadia out of the loop and very much so bored so she debated on speaking up which she finally did "can i go play mama?" she asked Wanda. "of course baby,one sec pepper" she said mid-conversation while she picked up Nadia placing her on the playpen.

This was the only time she was relieved to be in there no longer wanting to be so close to a stranger.


The trio were eating dinner now,pepper had left a few hours ago kissing the girl on the head goodbye and hugging her which kind of weirded her out.

Before the girl was able to take a bite of the food Wanda was feeding her she asked her a question "how'd you like auntie Pepper?" she held the broccoli just out of the girls reach making her try find a way to answer.

"uhm liked her" Nadia said in hopes that in sounding more babyish they wouldn't question her.

The woman seemed pleased with that answer as she put the mouthful towards the young girls mouth who accepted it savouring the taste.

Dinner went by smoothly for the rest of it.

The rest of the evening went by normally she had gotten a bath which she was still uncomfortable for but was slowly adjusting to she had even blown a couple of bubbles around in there making herself quietly laugh.

She was given the nightly bottle with sleeping pills and fell asleep in the arms of her 'mommy' who switched the bottle to a pacifer.


Authors note

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