chapter 14

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*third person pov*

Natasha turned around after finishing paying "we just have to wait for mam-" she started but was cut off by the shock of Nadia not being there instead it was just an empty spot where the girl had been.

She rushed to the bathroom which Wanda was walking out of "Nadia's gone" she quickly said grabbing her wrist not giving her time to question as she dragged her outside.

The women decided to split off to make it easier to find her,Natasha took the streets surrounding it and Wanda took the area of woods.

Both women were initially mad that feeling turned into worry though.

Wanda walked around the woods sighing in the silence as she stepped on the sticks and twigs that littered the floor she knew Nadia would have to be punished and it pained her to hear Nadia's begs when it had to happen.

When she walked further she heard the faintest sound of sobs?

As she looked around she saw a small figure huddled on the floor leaning against a tree with her head in her knees,it was Nadia.

The girl didn't notice the woman approaching so when she felt a hand touch her knee she flinched trying to get away in case it was something dangerous she stopped in her tracks when she realised it was only Wanda though.

Nadia flung herself into the womens arms crying into her chest whispering "mama" the women was shellshocked not knowing what to do except pick up the girl.

A reasonable voice in Nadia's head was telling her not to give in and that she should be fighting for freedom but she really needed comfort right now at this time;she still had the key when she was prepared so she allowed herself to submit for this one moment crying into the womens shoulder holding onto her tightly.

While quietly shushing and bouncing the girl she walked back towards the direction she came from returning to Natasha.

When Natasha saw them she had an angry look on her face and her arms crossed walking up to them ready to lecture Nadia and punish her,Wanda shook her head indicating to stop as she saw what Nat was about to do.

Natasha understood as the got closer seeing the girl sobbing into Wanda's shoulders.

Once the girl realised Nat was there she pulled herself off of Wanda's chest and reached out for natasha still crying "mommy im so sorry" she said while Natasha accepted the girls request and took her off Wanda.

They walked to the car together as Natasha was trying to soothe Nadia,once there they didn't want to leave her alone so Wanda sat next to Nadia's car seat in the back.


*Nadia's pov*

When we got home I didn't know what to do with myself I ended up just clinging to the women,I didn't necessarily want them all I wanted was comfort and they were more than happy to give it to me.It was silly though they were the reason for my pain so why did I accept their hugs?

Nonetheless it didn't stop me for the time being.

I clung to one of them no matter what they were doing,right now they were trying to get me to sleep for a nap.

However I didn't want to I was tired but I didn't want to be alone so I was trying to protest it; "Please I don't want to sleep" I whined looking up at Natasha whose lap I was sat on.

"Only on one condition you drink your bottle and then we can watch tv okay?" She reasoned and I was happy to oblige thinking I'd won.

As if right on queue Wanda walked through the bedroom door with the bottle in her hands bringing it over to us,I began sucking on it wanting to drink it quickly so I could go back to cuddling as soon as possible I saw Wanda give a questioning look at my compliance she didn't expand on it though not wanting to ruin anything.

The bottle did wonders for my exhaustion as in less than 10 minutes my eyes were already starting to struggle to keep up.


*third person pov*

Nadia had eventually fallen asleep after the bottle and she'd taken a 2 hour nap recharging herself.

The afternoon and evening went by calmly she hadn't complained except when they had wanted to put her down so she had ended up eating her dinner on Wanda's lap getting her own way,the women knew she wouldn't stay like this for long so they savored the moment while it lasted.

It was a taste into their future life.

Right now it was before bedtime and she'd just taken a bath,she was sat on Wanda's lap as she braided her hair into two French braids for the night while Natasha was in the kitchen getting the bottle ready for Nadia.

"Nadia?" She questioned the girl pausing from braiding the hair,the girl turned back "yeah mama?" she asked "why'd you try leave before?" Wanda said to her,it was the first time she was spoken to as an adult so she knew she was allowed to answer seriously.

She was unsure of how to answer as she didn't know whether she'd get in trouble or not though  "I don't know..everything was so overwhelming" Nadia said telling the complete truth looking down at her hands.

The mood in the room was strange "I know it's hard,I'm sorry adjusting takes time but eventually you'll love everything I promise,mommy and I love you so much" she said kissing Nadia on the forehead indicting the adult conversation was over and now it was back to being treated like a child.

The final braid was quickly finished off.

Natasha smiled as she watched the scene from the door way glad that the dreaded conversation was finally over,she walked in fully now making her presence clear.

She picked up Nadia tickling her "i think its a certian somebodies bedtime" she cooed passing the bottle to Wanda before they made left the living room going upstairs to put the brunette to bed.


*Nadia's pov*

I woke up earlier than usual or i assumed so because normally i was woken up by either of the women,I enjoyed being alone it wouldn't last for awhile however it was still nice.

Yesterday was so confusing for my head why did i feel that way? it felt funny.

Everything felt funny though right now:the feeling i had yesterday,the conversation i had with Wanda,my feelings about the women,getting kidnapped just everything in my life or well in the events in the past two weeks.

The conversation i had with Wanda was one of the most confusing,they'd never spoken to me as a real adult before it was constant cooing and getting called silly although the serious tone of the conversation hadn't lasted long it still all happened.

Maybe i enjoyed a part of this life but i couldn't allow myself to fall to a part where i relied on them completely.

Compliance might've not been a bad thing though they had literally accidentally let me escape so that proved to be the best plan of all.

Slowly they would let me leave the house more hopefully or i'll see anything that indicates where we are or any police stations nearby that aren't apart of the sick community;it was all about the game of patience the only hard thing was not drowning amongst it all.


Authors note

I didn't really know where i was going with this chapter so the start was rewritten a couple of times but im finally finished,my family is out for a couple of hours so i get to enjoy the house in peace while watching shameless gonna start making dinner soon.I hope everyone is doing well:)

random but where do you guys think im from? like what vibes do i give off (its okay if nobody answers im just curious)

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