chapter 24

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*third person pov*

A few days went by of basically the same routine for Nadia going on walks to the park,going to work Nat and Wanda and staying at the house,although it had only been a couple of days it all felt the same and very much so boring.

She was getting frustrated at the smallest things now like her crayons going out of the line whilst colouring.

It was like she had the temper of a child...

Today Natasha and Wanda were gracing her the privilege of getting to go to a new place: 'how lucky I am' Nadia sarcastically thought to herself;a small part of her was excited though a new place meant new opportunities to escape or at least some change.

So currently Wanda was putting Nadia's shoes on her at the front door getting her ready.

"and there,all done" she said getting the final shoe on picking up the girl again;Nadia hoped she would at least be able to walk by herself in public.

Natasha finished putting the stroller and bag in the car and walked back into the house "time to go now missy" she said ruffling the girls hair,they made their way out to the car and Nadia was strapped in.

The car was promptly started after Nat put the address into the GPS.

Being in the car was boring for the girl,looking out the window was only fun for a certain amount of time which had already passed by a long shot.

Slowly she was getting more used to acting less indapendant and was comfortable enough to tell the women her needs knowing they would try their best to help "mama im bored" she said quietly.

"a few more minutes honey" she simply said making Nadia lean back in boredom waiting.

They pulled into a gas station with Natasha getting out to get more gas for the car whereas Wanda opened the backdoor tending to Nadia,she got a blanket from the next seat over putting it on Nadia "why dont you try sleeping now Nads?" Wanda said to the girl.

Not feeling tired Nadia tried voicing her thoughts "but im not sleepy" she said and the only response she got was a pacifer being placed in her mouth and shushing noises.

Knowing there wasn't much else to do she hesitantly closing her eyes.

The last thing she remembered before drifting off to sleep was the sound of the car starting up again and driving out of the gas station.


When Nadia woke up she felt herself being pushed she opened her eyes groggily hoping the car journey was finally over.

Immediately she was met with daylight.

"nice to see you're awake baby" Natasha said pausing and squatting down beside the stroller to kiss her on the forehead before continuing to walk wherever they were going.

Nadia grumbled a bit still tired adjusting to the light that burned into her eyes,when more awake she realised they were walking in some type of park "you get to play with kids your own age" Wanda said trying to excite the girl.

This could mean either normal young adults or young adults dressed as children and she knew it was the latter.

They made it to the playground finding a picnic table nearby to sit on.

"Nadia as you've been such a good girl you can play on the park by yourself of course with our supervision but you have to be careful okay?" Wanda said as if she was explaining it to a toddler,Nadia said a quick yes and walked holding Nat's hand to the playground.

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