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The royal baby by AgeregressionKitten
The royal babyby Kitten is little
A small, petite 19 year old girl is caught thieving. She is dragged to the royal's castle and held in a cell until the next court day. Once she meets the king and queen...
daddies → n.jin + y.jin + s.mon by cuddlychim
daddies → n.jin + y.jin + s.monby 🌸
• In which husbands Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon kidnap timid highschooler Min Yoongi to be their little boy • started; 26/1/18 finished; N/A ©cuddlychim
Taken series: Charlotte Elise's story by LillieBen49
Taken series: Charlotte Elise's st...by lillie
Charlotte have spent more than a third of her life homeless. She get taken from Russia and sent to the US to be unwinded into a baby. Mentally she is still the same but...
the toddler life by diapereddinoboy
the toddler lifeby dino
a 6 year boy life is changed forever when on his birthday his mom asks him to pick one of the 2 birthday gifts, and one will change everything
Family Doesn't End With Blood by AvengerOfTheGods
Family Doesn't End With Bloodby Sapphire
Harry Potter has always been abused and treated like an animal for as long as he could remember. What happens when the kind neighbors find and take in the boy as one of...
My bully is a bed wetter  by angelsregrets
My bully is a bed wetter by Angel 💋
. . . . . . #1 regression 🙏 Zach, a tall boy with fluffy blonde hair and ocean blue eyes with freckles littering his body, bullies people. He bullied this one boy in s...
Vampire's wolf pup (old version) by Axlekegan
Vampire's wolf pup (old version)by Jammie
[NO LONGER UPDATING] In this fantasy world. Vampires rule. The upper-class species. Werewolves...not so much. They are more as seen as low lives. Pets. To most, they hol...
Baby Girl by Writerandreader17
Baby Girlby Tawney
This book is the prequel to The Baby Blues and Baby Talk. You can read this book as a stand-alone or after reading The Baby Blues and Baby Talk but just know you might m...
Titans little by Littlebeansminx
Titans littleby Littlebeansminx
In a world run by titans Edith gets chosen to be send to littles academy. *Inspired by "The kings little princess" I can't find the book anymore or who wrote...
Sissy boy Payton  by Baby_Brynnn
Sissy boy Payton by ☁️♡ Brynn♡☁️
After Lilly finds out her boyfriend's been wetting the bed uncontrollably, she decides to take things into her own hands.. ⚠️I don't usually write dirty stuff and this i...
Big Brothers by ElijahKingston22
Big Brothersby ElijahKingston22
My entire life my brothers have treated me like I am a fragile baby and they still do. Some of it is for their amusement and some of it is because they are just way too...
Elementary Regression by CourtneysClubhouse
Elementary Regressionby CourtneysClubhouse
10 year old Justin thinks he's growing up, but turns out being a big kid is hard and Justin may just not be ready for it.
You Name it Baby by rachelih
You Name it Babyby rachelih
Tony is a little, but the world doesn't know. He'd like to keep it that way.
Kidnapping Mia (DDLG) by little_Honey_bxby
Kidnapping Mia (DDLG)by little_Honey_bxby
Mia, a girl who does not even know what DDLG is but her stalker catches her walking alone at night, what happens when he makes her be a little. start- 11/15/22 DDLG IF Y...
Ava's Family Vacation by soxfan08abdl
Ava's Family Vacationby soxfan08abdl
13 year old Ava Williamson is a bedwetter. No big deal, right? What happens when she forgets to pack her goodnites for her family's annual road trip to the beach? Read a...
A Little Love by adorably_sassy
A Little Loveby Smiley
Lauren is a teacher who just moved to town. Camila is a teenage student with her own challenges. Will Lauren be the one to finally get through to her?
Matheo's love by thelittlestbrat
Matheo's loveby thelittlestbrat
In this world there are categories that people are sorted into when they come of age. The categories are: Submissive and Master's Pet's and Owners Littles and Caregiver...
Diaper Kharma by jeremytho88
Diaper Kharmaby Jeremytho90
Josh had secretly been turned on by incontinence and bedwetting for as long as he could remember, so when his new boyfriend revealed his bedwetting problem, Josh was ecs...
Once a prince  by Deckgandowjjjj
Once a prince by Little boi
A prince who gets transformed into a toddler after he wets himself.
Samantha's Messy Video by diaperstories28
Samantha's Messy Videoby diaperstories28
A girl named Samantha is convinced by her brother, Liam, to help film a very peculiar video.