chapter 42

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(This is from when Nadia was away this is just here so nobody gets confused)

*Wanda's pov*

The house was so quiet you could hear a mouse squeak,Nadia had only been gone since yesterday but me and Natasha were already missing her dearly.

It felt weird not hearing her laughter or any of her smart remarks.

Didn't miss the witty remarks as much as the laughter however both was still missed.

There was nobody sat criss-crossed on the floor colouring,nobody grumbling in her high chair because we'd woken her up too early and nobody clutching her stuffed toy whilst we watched movies together.

Her missing presence was painfully noticeable.

Even though she hasn't been here longer than a few months she's settled into our family really well it felt more like years most of the time.

Really you couldn't walk into the house without seeing traces of the girl in every single room you saw,there was no mistake this was her home you could see her toys and whatnot scattered around.

Right now I was in her bedroom where you could smell the faint scent of her which was a pleasant scent of strawberries from the strawberry bodywash used.

I run my left hand across the top bar of her empty crib.

Usually she would be napping right now,laid peacefully inside the crib with Natasha and I checking the baby monitor constantly as we were constantly afraid of her somehow disappearing;the thought made me slightly laugh.

"Wanda?" I heard Natasha say as she walked into the room,I turn around with a guilty blush on my face having been caught in here "I miss her" I admit.

Nat gave me a sad smile "it's only been a day and she'll be back in no time" she comforts "I know I know but it feels like a part of me is missing even if it's only been a day" I say.

"Call it maternal instincts but i need her here in my arms to know she's safe" I continue,Nat pulls her phone out before going onto messages.

She goes onto her messages with Sam and presses on a photo which shows Nadia smiling with a pacifier in her mouth "see? All safe and sound" Natasha tells me.

I admire the photo for a few more seconds "okay maybe I'm being a bit paranoid"

The redhead puts her arms around me encasing me in a hug "I know you miss her a lot and I do too but she needs this space" she whispers in my ear.


*Third person pov*

After their hug the pair had finally left the room and went downstairs to try busy themselves with other things.

An occupied mind had no time to dwell on unpleasant thoughts.

That worked for an hour or so for the pair with them receiving another photo of Nadia during that time,this time it was a photo of the girl on Sam's back with her arms around his neck and her head rested on his shoulder.

Natasha was getting sick of seeing Wanda's glum face "close your laptop and look at me" she gently commanded making Wanda raise an eyebrow but still do as followed.

"I know you're practically itching to talk about Nadia plus you've been staring at the same page for 10 minutes straight" Nat said.

A small smile appeared on the scarlet witches face,the redhead knew her so well.

She moved to sit right beside Nat with Natasha placing a hand on Wanda's knee "so obviously things can't stay exactly the same" she confessed.

"All I want is for Nadia to be happy" Wanda said looking at her lap feeling guilty for how much pain they caused the girl,Nat put her hand under Wanda's chin lifting it up so their eyes met "hey don't blame yourself,it's not your fault" she told her.

"What about if she hates us for putting her through it all though?" Wanda replied "you're her mama she doesn't hate you or me,love is complicated sometimes but by no means does it mean that she hates you;who's shoulder does she cry on when she's upset huh?" Natasha said trying to make her feel better.

Wanda bit her lip for a second thinking of what to say "you're right like always,being away from her for so long is messing with my thoughts a little" the woman admitted.

"A little?" Nat questioned in a playful tone "okay! Maybe a lot" Wanda said laughing along with her partner.

"It might take a bit but I promise we will have our sweet little girl back" the redhead reassured squeezing the woman's hand which was something they did to eachother on missions to tell eachother 'I love you'.

Smiles were no on both of their faces "I love you" Wanda said messing around with a bit of Natasha's locks "I love you too" she replied.

The pair then shared a short and sweet kiss before they sat in a comfortable silence with Wanda resting her head on Natasha's shoulder holding her hand.


*Wanda's pov*

For the next couple of days we got many more photos of Nadia.

One of my personal favourites was a picture that was a selfie from her and Sam with eyeliner on their faces,from the looks of it she took the photo which made it even better.

The singular thing you couldn't deny from seeing each picture was that Nadia looked truly euphoric.

Today was the day we would finally be going to pick her up though so we were grinning from ear to ear basically,the alone time with Natasha had been wonderful but we were desperate to have our small family back.

"I'm pretty sure if you smile anymore your cheeks are going to burst" Natasha teased as we got into the car,I shot her a playful glare making her shut up.

The car ride there felt like centuries had passed although in real time it was probably only around 20 minutes.

I could tell Natasha was just as happy as me however she wasn't letting it show.

She preferred looking like a badass which In my opinion was stupid as she was one of the least intimidating people when you got to know her,all bark and no bite if I was being truthful.

We held hands as we went up in the elevator until the gracious ding sound appeared.

As soon as we walked in we were greeted by Pepper who gave us a polite smile and began talking to us or well Natasha mostly as I was too focused on something else.

That something else being Nadia.

I looked around subtly trying to find the girl,just as I was about to ask where she was I finally saw her walking through to us with some new additions on her face.

A feeling of warmth filled inside of me.


*authors note*

God I'm sorry this is a filler I thought it'd be better than nothing,probably gonna go on another short break again whilst dealing with some personal stuff:) also i can't even explain how happy I am that there's a wlw character in Dynasty I was catching up on the recent episodes and when Amanda said it was a woman I went 'oh😏' so anyways I hope everyone is doing well<3

Song for this chapter:Pretty when I cry by Lana Del Rey


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