chapter 26

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*third person pov*

Nadia didn't feel like doing anything the next day she was too busy trying to workout why her new friend Jaxx had said that.

'so why are you here then?' the words played over and over in her heard.

Everything that came from Jaxx's mouth seemed to be sort of strange and weird to the girl but she assumed it was just Jaxx's personality in general,this though was different and the way he quickly changed the subject confused the girl.

Of course both the women knew her behaviour was strange today all she wanted to do was sit on one of their laps whilst staying silent;they put it down to her being tired though.

Currently it was only Natasha and Nadia occupying the home.

Wanda was elsewhere probably training the girl assumed not having listened to whatever the woman was saying except the last couple of words which were only her wishing Nadia goodbye, saying she would be back soon and to 'be good for mommy' .

After being sat on the couch watching TV for a while now Natasha decided it was time to do something else with the girl.

She turned off the tv that the girl was absently minded staring at,being too zoned out in her own thoughts she didn't notice however and kept staring in that direction cuddling into Nat; "baby?" Natasha said slightly shaking the girl to get her attention.

Hearing her name being called Nadia turned towards her lifting her head seeing what Natasha wanted.

"do you wanna colour hm?" she asked the girl who shook her head at the question "what about play with your dolls Nads?" Natasha asked again as the girl repeated her previous actions shaking her head.

Everything she suggested Nadia didn't seem to like.

She thought for a couple minutes and finally thought of the perfect activity for them "do you wanna bake with mommy Nadia? it'll be so fun!" Nat questioned making the girl think about it in her head,the enthusiasm was off-putting although baking did sound fun.

Thinking baking might give her a sense of normality even if its in just the slightest the girl nodded her head.

Natasha smiled at her and stood up placing her on her hip walking towards the kitchen.

When in the kitchen Nadia was placed upon the counter "can mommy's little helper stay here whilst i get all the ingredients?" she said to the girl it was more of a statement made to seem like a question the girl still nodded regardless.

She was not missing out on this opportunity.

Staying true to her word she sat there watching Natasha gather all the minimal ingredients,the girl guessed they were making cupcakes.

Now all the ingredients were placed on the counter with a bowl and whisk beside them Natasha put the butter and sugar in whisking it herself knowing that part wasn't fun;the girl would most likely complain about her arm getting tired.

The butter and sugar were now fully whisked together now it was time for the fun part.

"do you want to crack the eggs?" she asked the brunette who nodded picking one up carefully not wanting to drop it,she carefully moved it towards the bowl cracking it over the side.

Both eggs were dropped in without any shells getting their way into the bowl.

Next she was given the flour to pour into the ball,not wanting to wait for Natasha to get the measuring cup she decided to estimate the amount pouring it in just when Natasha turned around with the measuring cup in hand she was lightly hit in the face with a bit of flour that had been a tad bit overpoured.

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