chapter 23

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*third person pov*

The meeting lasted a couple hours longer,nothing interesting had occured all of it just being them merely talking about tiring business stuff.

Nadia had falled asleep pretty much right after lunch taking advantage of her sleepiness.

In the last 15 minutes of the meeting she had woken up confused,she forgot where she was and made the mistake of looking groggily around the meeting room whilst yawning getting the attention of multiple members who awed at her small yawn before focusing back on the meeting.

Now Wanda was stroking her back as Nadia sat on her lap still curled into her;she put a pacifer to the girls lips which she took but with a pause of uncertainty.

Sure she would use one whilst they were at the womens home in front of people right in public it was different though,she didn't want them thinking she actually enjoyed this treatment.

Even if she was growing to enjoy it a bit—

Right now the meeting was rapping up and the girl was so thankful,if she had to sit there any longer she probably would've had an actual temper tantrum;desperate times call for desperate measures.

"Hey Nat and Wanda it's already time for dinner so all three of you are welcome to stay for dinner if you'd like" Tony said to the women.

Not wanting to stay there any longer Nadia tried giving pleading eyes to Wanda and Natasha.

Seemingly not noticing the girls look  they accepted the offer "that'd be great,gives everyone a chance to meet Nadia more when she isn't asleep;are you excited baby?" Natasha said reaching over to slightly tickle the girls stomach at the last part.

it seemed like they were purposely trying to torture the girl.


All the group were sat in the living room with the exception being Steve in the kitchen making whatever he was cooking.

Currently Nadia was on Clint's lap although she'd already been on everybody elses like a toy being passed around the room,it was getting annoying real fast.

She continued sucking on the pacifer not wanting to snap at anybody.

The group seemed to be having a laugh together the same couldn't be said for the girl.

It was too awkward for her;they'd put on some childish tv show for her to watch so she wasn't 'bored' however it just bored the girl even more and it felt degrading to even attempt to watch the show.

Really the whole show was one of those that tried to teach children about 'manners' and 'friendship' so complete bullshit the girl thought to herself.

Being sat in front of so many people whilst sucking a pacifer and watching a kids tv show wasn't exactly an ego booster.

"dinners ready!" Steve called after getting everything ready on the table.

Nadia was then carried on Clint's hip to the dining table,on the table that was filled with servings of what looked to be delicious spaghetti and meatballs and then for the girl there was mac and cheese with a serving of broccoli...

'wow' the girl thought to herself sarcastically and began pouting,as soon as she realised what she was doing she was mortified and quickly changed her face to a slight glare.

Clint still held her on his hip "do you want me to feed her dinner? i know how exhausting babies can be sometimes so it'll give you a slight break y'know?" he said making the girl begin to squirm and whine it was the only way they'd actually listen,letting the two women feed her was bad enough there was no way she'd let him.

She was also offended he called her a baby,she was not a baby just forced to act like one.

"i think Nadia's answered that question" Natasha lightly chuckled picking up Nadia off him,sitting in her own seat with Nadia on her lap.

Wanda got Nadia's plate bringing it over to Natasha;steve scratched the back of his neck "im sorry for the lack of vegetables,it was either that or moldy cabbage we haven't been grocery shopping yet this week" he nervously chuckled making both women laugh.

They all began eating dinner talking over various subjects whilst Nat began trying to feed Nadia,"i can feed myself " she mumbled to Natasha feeling sheepish.

Knowing the girl was defying because she wanted to act mature in front of everyone Natasha gave her a look that told her not to mess around;not wanting to test her in front of everybody Nadia quickly swallowed a mouthful of mac and cheese making her slightly cough from not chewing it enough.

The girls antics were quite cute in Natasha's opinion she thought the girl was trying to act mature to impress everybody.

Their meal went on steadily,the girl received a couple of coo's whenever she dropped food or unintentionally got food around her mouth from not paying attention and zoning out too much so she began focusing on her meal not wanting more attention.

Sam brought over a bowl of chocolate ice cream intended for the girl.

Both the women tried refusing "no thanks" Wanda said "cmon" sam replied, "she can't have any she's already not had enough vegetables for tonight" Natasha tried arguing "its cruel to show her it and not give it to her,look at that face" he said pointing to Nadia.

Wanting the sugary treat Nadia put on the cutest face she could muster teaming up with sam;she even pouted although it made her feel so childish.

The girl got her way she had the women wrapped around her finger to a certain extent.

Another thing is maybe the girl didn't hate sam completely he was way more fun than the rest of them Nadia thought to herself as she was fed the ice cream,he gave her ice cream so he was somewhat decent she reasoned with herself.

After a couple of weeks eating mainly healthy stuff a small bowl of ice cream tasted amazing.


*Wanda's pov*

We ended up staying later than intended so now we were driving home in the dark with Nadia asleep in her carseat with a blanket we had in the backseat over her.

I looked back at Natasha smiling after looking back at Nadia "i didn't expect her to act so well behaved when around everybody at once for the first time" i told Nat.

"what can i say? we have such a smart little girl" Nat boasted looking at me with the same smile.

She wasn't wrong our Nadia was so smart and great at everything at least in our eyes;as her parents the only opinion that really mattered was ours anyway "I think shes really growing to like it here" i said.

Nat nodded agreeing with me "finally realising this is whats best for her and that we love her so much,this is what she deserves".

I nod at this smiling even more if that was possible.

Nadia did really deserve all of this;she deserved the happiness she would find with us.


Authors note

Okay new chapter its kind of a filler so would you guys want to see more of these filler chapters or like more plot building?idk chapters,i have a couple things in mind on what i want to do next all of which everybody will probably hate but still;my wife is kind of pissed at me atm so somebody pls talk to me im an attention whore (jk jk...unless?)anyways i hope you're all doing okay<3

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