chapter 33

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{Nadia's backstory}

*third person pov*

In Nadia's young years she had a relatively good childhood,she was happy and content with everything;her parents loved her dearly and would do anything for her she was their angel.

She was constantly laughing and smiling,the girl was a joy to be around for anyone.

However from a young age she felt the pressure of perfection,being the daughter of important business owners meant she had a reputation to uphold there was no time for slacking it had to be pretty smiles and pretty dresses for the camera.

With her parents having time-consuming jobs whenever they had to work that wasn't school hours her and her sister would have a babysitter which she was fine with.

The girl knew her parents loved and everytime they weren't at work they'd spend time with her so she didn't complain unlike her sister,Nadia's sister Lexi was a completely different story from the sweet brunette.

Lexi;Nadia's sister was sort of a problem child from a young age always causing outbursts and doing anything to gain her parents attention instead of the approval approach like Nadia.

There was a 6 year age difference between the sisters which meant that when Lexi began dabbling in smoking,drinking and partying Nadia didn't understand what was happening with her sister;the girl was merely a child how could she understand as an 8 year old when her sister started distancing herself away from the family.

She thought Lexi was upset.

Caring about her older sisters happiness she used to try everything to help her be happy,on one occasion she had drawn her sister a picture spending at least an hour making sure it was the best it could possibly be for Lexi.

Excitedly she took the picture to her sisters room being too happy to even knock,she rushed in with a big smile on her face going over to Lexi's bed which Lexi was laid on.

"look i drew you a picture Lexi!" she said showing the picture "mommy said you didn't go shopping with us last week since you were upset so i drew you this to make you happy,so now you can go ice skating with us tomorrow" Nadia proudly said.

Instead of the reaction she had intended she recieved an eyeroll from the teenager who looked away after seeing it briefly not sparing the picture a second glance.

"Nadia thats not how it works,your stupid picture isn't going to change anything" Lexi said becoming quickly bothered by the girls presence in her room "thats because you barely looked at it Lexi" the girl said in a 'duh' tone as if she just solved all the problems,the teenager scoffed "take your shitty drawing and get out" she told the girl.

With tears in her eyes Nadia left the room going back to her own looking at her drawing.

She sat down on her bed starting to cry looking at the drawing,it was a stupid drawing Lexi was right the girl thought to herself,why couldn't she be a better sister?

Feeling mad at herself she ripped the drawing in the middle throwing it onto the floor not wanting to look at it,the innocent little girl thought her drawing was the problem and that it was her fault Lexi got annoyed.

She got into a laying position on her bed putting her face in the pillow crying.

Why was she so bad at eveything?


A thirteen year old Nadia was sat in her room trying to do her math homework when she heard the front door slamming shut.

She sighed closing her textbook leaning her head on her elbows knowing what was about to happen,the same thing that had been happening a lot recently everytime Lexi came home this time it was different though.

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