chapter 47

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*third person pov*

Natasha thought carefully how to phrase her next words.

The girl looked up at her with her doe eyes which made the words she needed to say even harder "Nadia your friend Jaxx is gone" she said slowly "gone? What do you mean by gone?" Nadia said panicking, 'was he dead!?' The girl horrifyingly thought to herself.

"He..ran away" Natasha said relieving the girls fears,all the panic that was once on the girls face had washed away leaving a blank empty look.

In response to the woman's statement the girl shrugged going back to playing with her dolls almost as if nothing had even happened,Natasha watched her shocked.

A second ago she looked like she had just seen the most scary horror movie scene and now she was laughing away whilst playing with her dolls,it seemed like her emotions had flipped like a switch.

When they had received the text from Jaxx's mommy they dreaded Nadia's reaction.

They expected her to have an outburst,scream at them and maybe throw a few things but nothing like this.

"Nadia are you okay?" Natasha said after the silence in the room became too suffocating for her to cope with anymore,the girl looked up and smiled "of course mommy" she said plainly before going back to her dolls.

Contrary to what Natasha and Wanda thought her reaction was going to be she was furious.

Her and Jaxx were supposed to be partners in crime,best friends or whatever else you wanted to call it and then he went and left without her,'he left her there to rot!' She thought to herself.

Her grip on the doll was getting increasingly tighter as her knuckles turned white as she let her anger get to her.

Of course Natasha saw this and got increasingly more shocked as she watched the girls actions "Nadia?" She asked snapping the girl out of her small trance.

The doll was let go and Nadia let out a small laugh "yes mommy?" the girl asked innocently.


*third person pov*

Wanda was just as concerned as Natasha when she saw the girl and how she was acting,she looked like she would snap at any moment yet everytime they saw her getting mad and they would try to talk to her all she would do was return a smile and stop whatever she was doing.

With more time to process her thoughts her anger didn't wash away like it usually did,it remained the same possibly even getting worse.

Maybe she was purely upset but convinced herself it was anger so she didn't have to deal with that but there really wasn't an explanation Nadia could give to that statement.

The girl didn't even know herself.

Regardless of what was going on inside her mind she played the sweet little girl act to perfection.

Everything she did didn't seem genuine though,everytime she laughed there was always a bittersweet undertone to it and whenever she smiled it seemed painfully forced.

However she tried her best to not let it show and sucked on her pacifier diligently whilst watching the movie Wanda had put on.

As she stared at the painfully bright animated imagine in front of her none of the sounds that the tv was emitting were registering in her brain at all,her thoughts were becoming too loud.

'Jaxx is a traitor he left you!' 'But he helped me when nobody else did...' 'he chose to leave me,he purposely left and knowingly left me behind?' 'did our friendship mean nothing to him?'

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