chapter 51

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*Third person pov*

She looked up at Wanda with teary eyes who put a hand under my chin making sure the brunette looked her in the eyes "Nadia we would never do that to you,never ever" she said in a serious tone showing the girl she wasn't joking around.

"We find it inhumane to do that to a person and we know we don't exactly have the best moral compass" Natasha started 'at least they're self aware' Nadia thought to herself "but we think everyone should have a choice in who they want to love and we don't want to force you to love us by messing up your mind,you still have a right to your thoughts" she ended her statement.

The girl nodded to Nat's statement as she continued to cry,she hadn't entirely calmed down from her breakdown which was a given due to what she had just been through.

Both of the women let her cry it out not wanting to interrupt.

At some point she had buried her face into Natasha's shoulder sobbing like her life depended on it.

Natasha didn't stop the girl even as she soaked her shirt with all her tears,she instead just patted the girls back every few seconds whilst shushing her.

Eventually the girl raised her head  and took a shaky breath "are you done now baby?" Wanda asked calmly to which Nadia nodded blinking away the remaining tears in her eyes "mama?" she asked "yes Nadia?" Wanda responded inquisitive.

"What did they do to Jaxx really?" she questioned wanting answers.

She saw Wanda thinking for a few seconds before she answered the question "well in simpler terms let's just say it brings somebodies mind back to...a simpler time" Wanda explained in a way that she thought the girl could understand.

"But—" the brunette tried to ask more but was cut off by Wanda grabbing a pacifier from the coffee table and placed it in Nadia's mouth.

Of course she tried spitting it out however Wanda held it in place.

"I think it's time for somebodies nap" she said going back to her whole condescending thing "I think so too and then hopefully she'll be less cranky when she wakes up" Nat said speaking as if the girl wasn't there which annoyed her thoroughly.

They just listened to her crying over practically losing her closest friend now they were treating her like a baby again,it was always a pick and choose with them.

Nat carried the girl upstairs with Wanda following behind her and they promptly placed the girl in the crib with Nat pulling the blankets over her.

"Sweet dreams Nads" Nat told her "have a nice nap" Wanda said before they both left.

Normally she'd be exhausted by then,she usually needed 8+ hours of sleep a night with a nap in the day because of the schedule they had her on but she was too aware of everything to sleep right now.

Don't get her wrong she was exhausted however sleep evaded her for the time being.


*Nadia's pov*

Were they lying about not wanting to do that to me?

For all I know they could have already booked me an appointment or whatever for tomorrow and my mind could be messed up and whatnot without my consent.

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