Chapter 11

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*Third persons pov*

The young girl had been in captivity for a little over a week now but by no means was she adjusting to her role yes she was complying that didn't mean it got less humiliating though.

Don't get her wrong she had tried to fight everything that was happening especially on the third day she had regained her strength from the day before and went full in,it was either all or nothing she didn't want to stay in that torture place for any longer and she wanted to show them she wasn't a compliant child.

The morning had started off peaceful with Wanda going into the room to wake her up and change her which luckily she had been to asleep to even attempt to fight for.

When taken down for breakfast she had been placed in the highchair as Natasha served breakfast;Nadia wasn't having it she had refused to eat at all making sure to cover her mouth and nose so they couldn't hold her nose again and then when they finally pried her hands off her mouth she spit out the food.The women got frustrated and stopped trying placing her in the corner they thought timeout and no breakfast was a big enough punishment.

The only bad part of timeout was her bottom still hurt from the day before otherwise she really couldn't care less.

Afterwards she had faked an apology making sure to hug the women hesitantly to not make them too suspicious but also to make them think she was sorry for her previous actions.She wasn't they didn't need to know that though.

She had been placed down to colour with Natasha which she had been doing until Wanda came over with a sippy cup prompting the girl "may I have a glass?" She said sarcasm lacing her voice "Nad's don't be silly babies use sippy cups" Wanda replied. "Its a good thing I'm not a fucking baby then isn't it? and please next time could you not speak in that annoying bitch tone?thank you" she said crossing her arms.

That had landed her with a bar of soap in her mouth for 15 minutes and the strap on pacifier placed on her after.

The final straw had been when Natasha and Wanda tried putting her down for a nap saying she was 'cranky' to which she thrashed when they tried giving her a bottle to go down for a nap with,she'd accidentally ended up hitting Wanda in her attempts to thrash around.

Her spanking was brutal by midpoint she was crying and begging for it to stop,she went for a nap after that not even saying a word of protest when she didn't feel sleepy in the slightest.

For the next few days she'd mostly stayed good she had even began calling them mommy and mama in fear of what they'd do if she didn't,the worst punishments she had received was soap in the mouth and a couple of time outs for refusing to do some things that Nadia had ended up doing anyway so it was pointless.

Now back to present time the brunette had awoken for the first time during the night since her first night there;normally she was knocked out cold from the sleeping pills in the bottle but she had fallen asleep on Natasha's chest a little before bedtime so they didn't have the heart to wake her back up just for the bottle.

Quiet sobs wracked her body as she was curled up in the corner of the crib crying over how much she missed her family,friends and overall her life.She was even missing the times her and Lexi had stupid arguments together.

She sniffled hugging her stuffed toy max.

Max,the toy reminded her of why she had chosen it in the first place,she chose him as a symbol of hope she couldn't give up no matter how defeated she was.

Nadia wiped her tears taking in a bit breath,she stood up in the crib shakily still trying to gain her composure back and then she climbed over the side of the crib leaving her standing in the middle of the room.Max was in her hands he was coming with her no matter where she had to go.

The house was completely silent from what she could tell hopefully this time they were both asleep,she'd made sure to watch where she was going this time not willing to repeat her previous mistake in the art of escapism.

When she reached the door she slowly opened it leading to the hallway of the house;she stepped out carefully and went to her captors room quietly peaking inside their room making sure they were both asleep which they were. 

Nadia felt a strong wave of euphoria as she closed their done.Nobody could stop her now.

She made her way down the stairs trying her best to avoid the creaky ones making to make the least amount of noise as possible,she reached the landing safely not waking anybody up and now she had to decide what to do next.The plan had to be strategic not just leaving without even knowing where she was that could put her in even more danger.

Out of curiosity she looked in kitchen cabinets and drawers looking for anything that could indicate her whereabouts or anything useful.

There wasn't much except for the usual cutlery and household items even some baby items which she had expected to see making her sigh.It looked like a normal families kitchen not the kitchen of some delusional kidnappers who were also kidnappers.

A key! she had found what looked to be a spare house key.

The key ended up working Nadia tested it on the door to make sure it could work,now at least when she had a chance to escape with a real plan she had a way out it was one step closer to her freedom.

The brunette quietly snook back upstairs into her nursery and hid the key in one of the stuffed toys with a little zip in at the back that was in the crib that way she always had access to it.

By using the help of a nearby object and a lot of arm strength she was able to get back into the crib;she laid down getting under the blankets and got herself comfy then she was able to fall back into a peaceful sleep with warmth surrounding her.


Authors note

ahs double feature came out yesterday im gonna watch it after writing this so thats exciting,theres so many new readers so thank you to everyone:) btw if anybody wants to like be friends or anything i have discord,im active pretty much 24/7 and im lonely i swear im cool plus i have dogs anyways i hope everybody is okay<3

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