Chapter 16

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*third person pov*

The girl had fallen asleep shortly after her and Nat had begun watching the tv.

It was now 2 hours later and Wanda had returned but the girl refused to wake up from her nap groaning and whining everytime they tried touching her.

They felt bad having to wake her up although they had to because if they didn't she would be awake all night,Wanda began lightly shaking her shoulder and whispering into her ears whilst Nadia was laid on her lap.

She got up holding the girl and began gently bouncing her "Nadia,Nadia baby wake up" she cooed,Nadia groaned trying to hide her face into Wanda's shoulder to no avail.

"mama please 5 more minutes" the brunette grumbled opening her eyes and rubbing them with her fists.

The sight made both women awe making the sick girl grumble more at the unwanted attention and try to hide her head once again from them.

Once Nadia had woken up fully she realised her head was buried in Wanda's chest she quickly shot her head up and averted her gaze having a red blush plastered all over her cheeks,Nat chuckled seeing it happen and seeing how horrified the girl was.

"its time for a bath now sweetie" Wanda said stroking the girls hair.

Natasha had already drawn the bath and it was now ready for the girl hence why they woke her up,they decided a nice lukewarm bath might help bring her temprature down.

They made their way up to the stairs and to the bathroom with Nadia still in Wanda's arms,the girl caught her sight in the mirror:her clutching onto Wanda,the onesie,pacifer hanging from a clip and disheveled hair she truly looked...young.

The one advantage to being sick was she really didn't have the strength to be humilated over a bath Nadia could barely even keep herself up,Natasha had to hold her up from the side whilst Wanda washed her body.

Nadia caught sight of a rubber ducky and in her sick haze she started giggling as she used the little strength she had to touch it.

The sight was a wholesome one and was maybe one of the first times they had heard Nadia's genuine laughter it was a sweet sound that echoed in the room it was music to their eyes;They didn't dare to coo incase it disturbed the girls ethereal state.

This is the side of Nadia that hadn't been shown often but it was their favourite by far.

Her laughter didnt stop as she held the ducky in her hand,it still had some bubbles on it from floating in the bubble bath which somehow made it funnier for her foggy state.

Nat thought of an idea and used the hand that wasn't holding holding up Nadia to get a handful of bubbles and she blew them into the bath catching the girls attention who began to copy her "mama look" Nadia said showing Wanda what her and Natasha were doing,Wanda put an expression of wonder on her face fake gasping playing along.

After Wanda had washed her hair and her body she began playing along with the two blowing bubbles around.

It was safe to say at the end of bathtime there was bubbles basically everywhere;not that either woman minded they had enjoyed the family moment of course they knew it was most likely the medicine and sickness making her act this way but still.

"Wanda? do you know where our babies gone? all i see is a pile of bubbles"Nat played around as she wrapped Nadia in a fluffy towel picking her up from the bath.

The girl laughed "i dont know Nat maybe we lost her in the bubbles?" Wanda said "i guess theres only one way to check hm?" Natasha replied as she nodded towards Wanda who began tickling the girl wrapped in the towel making her burst out into giggles.

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