chapter 8

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*third person pov*

The sleeping drugs had worn off on the girl a couple hours ago yet she remained asleep her body trying to combat the toll that the stress and crying had on her exhaustion.

It wasn't until about three am that Nadia begun waking up,she sat up sleepily rubbing her eyes and letting out a few small yawns as her mind was waking up as well as her body,she pulled the curtains that covered the window above the crib away seeing it was still practically pitch black.She had considered getting out through the window risking the chance of jumping down and injuring herself but she soon realised there was some type of lock on it which would make it difficult.

She sighed knowing the only way out would be through the front door;getting out of the crib wasn't the issue it was trying to avoid the women who always seemed to be there.

Like she had done the previous morning she had gotten out of the crib making sure to be extra silent this time knowing the women heard her last time but they had to be asleep surely? even Avengers had to sleep.

Once her feet silently landed on the floor she praised herself mentally as she tried making her way around the room with the only light available being the night light that seemed to be shaped a cloud it was sort of cute but granted it wasn't a good light source for the entire room.

The girls mind was more focused on how she would go downstairs without them hearing her that she failed to see she was walking into the edge of a toybox,she tripped over the edge making a thud and sending a sharp pain through her knee which she whispered curse words to in response but luckily she'd left the pacifier in so it muted her words.

She stayed silent for a few minutes hoping nobody heard her;she had seen the baby moniter in the nursery and there was no doubt in her mind that the other half was in the womens room making it so they could watch her like the creeps they were.She finally thought she was safe and nobody heard her until she heard the sound of footsteps.

Nadia knew she couldn't be caught out of the crib they would know she was escaping they were only nice to her about it yesterday morning because she was unsure of her surroundings now in their minds she had no excuse to not obey the rules.

There wasn't much she could do in that moment she wouldn't be able to get herself back in the crib besides somebody had already heard the sound so she took a chapter from the possum handbook and 'played dead' aka pretended to be asleep,she knew the plan was stupid there wasn't anything else she could do she was stuck in this room.

The girl was laid on the floor pretending to be asleep as the door opened and Wanda stepped in.


*Wanda's pov*

I had been training in the early mornings hours because i couldn't sleep it was a normal occurrence that had been happening to me for a few years for the most part i was able to sleep but maybe for a couple of nights every few months it happened.

Training was one of the only things that would tire me out hence why i was doing it late i knew Natasha was always concerned when i returned to bed later although she never mentioned it knowing it wasn't something i liked talking about.On the off chance she was also awake when i got home we would lay in bed talking to eachother as we fell asleep her voice calmed me.

As I walked in through the front door returning home I heard a thud coming from upstairs before I could inspect it though I had to lock the door and take off my shoes.

I shook off my shoes and locked the door walking upstairs;the whole house was in complete silence the only exception being the thud previously.

My instincts were telling me to check Nadia's room knowing it was most likely mine and Nat's little girl trying to escape;we'd expected her to sleep through the full night with the pills I guess not though she was gonna need a stronger dose.

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