chapter 21

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*Nadia's pov*

The torture or what the women would call 'punishment' was over now.

So i was currently sat in Natasha's lap sobbing as she tried her attempts to calm me,wasn't going to happen though these tears were coming and they weren't going to stop.

"shh shhh shh" she tried not that it was going to work though;she gently pushed my head into her shoulders muffling the sobs slightly but you could still hear my cries.All she had really done was allow my tears to soak t-shirt she didn't seem to mind though.

She stood up and tried bouncing me of course my tears didn't stop instead they had possibly gotten worse,the more i was treated like a baby the more i was going to act like one.

Then natasha began walking around hoping it would stop "max..want max" i mumbled taking a slight break from crying,hopefully they'd think i was complying if i did the slightest babyish acts aka wanting a 'comfort' item.

They couldn't punish me for just acting like a baby,thats what they wanted right?

Of course straight away she went into the other bedroom getting the item hoping it would help in any sort of way.

I looked up from her shoulder,taking the stuffed animal and tucking him under my arms before continuing with the crying,i think she was getting slightly concerned at this point normally my sobs would subside to sniffles at this point after punishment.

They were in for a treat though.


*third person pov*

Running out of options Nat decided to go downstairs to Wanda who was making breakfast hoping she'd know anything to help because Nat had tried everything she could think of.

When she walked in to the kitchen to see Wanda,Nat glanced at the crying girl and mouthed 'she won't stop' to Wanda.

Wanda nodded her head and walked over taking Nadia into her arms "can you finish making breakfast Nat?" she asked as she was in the middle of making breakfast but couldn't if she was trying to hold and comfort Nadia;Nat hummed and continued with the breakfast.

The pair went into the dining room where Wanda was trying to comfort her.

"whats wrong?" she cooed at the girl,no answer though the girl didn't so much as even glance up at her voice.

Whilst in the dining room she tried everything that Nat hadn't tried:tickling the girl which made the sobs worse,she tried giving her a pacifer which was spit out straight after and she tried cooing comforting words at the girl,"maybe you're just hungry huh? breakfast will be ready soon" she said talking to herself mostly.

She tried bouncing the girl up and down lightly as they waited for breakfast having the slightest chance of hope it would work.

If they thought the crying was annoying they should wait for what else the girl had planned Nadia thought to herself internally grinning.

When breakfast came out Wanda tried putting Nadia in the high chair,keyword tried.

Anticipating this situation in her head she stopped crying a few minutes before breakfast came out finally giving the womens ears a break thinking it was over.

As Wanda tried putting her in the chair she had begun sobbing again,"please" she begged to the woman "okay you can sit on my lap only this once" Wanda said trying to fight her already forming migraine sitting on her chair with the girl on her lap.

When she tried feeding the girl a spoon of the oatmeal they had prepared she turned her into Wanda hiding it making her unable to feed her,"cmon Nadia aren't you hungry?"she said trying to coax the girl.

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