chapter 50

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*third person pov*

The girl stared at the door excitedly waiting for Jaxx to come over which she was told would be soon "Nadia come over here so i can do your hair" Natasha said sitting on a couch with a hairbrush in hand,Nadia whined not moving her eyes from the door.

"but Jaxx will be here soon" she said continuing to whine to which Natasha raised an eyerbow at the girls backtalk.

After seeing Nat's look she made her way to the couch as quickly as she could not wanting to have to go into timeout for not complying,she had learned her lesson with that one.

She sat crisscross inbetween Natasha's legs on the floor who parted Nadia's hair.

Whilst Nat tried to brush her hair Nadia kept trying to look towards the door

"sit still little girl" she said getting frustrated trying to do her hair when she kept moving her head around "watching out for Jaxx" she mumbled however she complied and sat still facing forward "you'll hear when Jaxx is here,no need to keep looking at the door" Nat pointed out.

The girl hesitantly nodded letting Natasha continue with her in silence,her hair was promptly tied into two pigtails like it usually was.

Maybe it was to make the girl look younger that was one of Nadia's theories.

However she had more to be focused on right now,as soon as Natasha had finished with her hair she had tried to go back to where she sat earlier but before she could Natasha had picked her up and placed her on her lap.

She tried squirming out of her grip "i wanna sit on the floor" Nadia protested "sit with mommy until he comes okay?" the woman tried saying,the girl kept trying to squirm not wanting to.

"if you sit here and be good then we can make cupcakes later" she tried persuading Nadia which this time it worked,she let herself sit limp in Nat's arm.

At some point Wanda came and joined them on the couch sitting beside Nat.

For Nadia it felt like hours had passed whilst she sat there listening to the womens conversation but after a quick look at the clock only 23 minutes had passed making her huff.

"somebodies impatient" Wanda teased watching the girl pouting who glared at her.

This made both of them laugh at her moodiness,the brunette who didn't appreciate this leaned back into Natasha crossing her arms still pouting.

Nat wrapped one of her arms around the girls stomach gently when she had leaned back and began stroking her hair with the other "you just want mommy hm?" Nat rhetorically asked.

Instead of rolling her eyes at this she just leaned her head onto Natasha's shoulder.

What made her get up was hearing a knock at the door,she could've gotten whiplash with how fast she sat up however Natasha kept her arm wrapped around her stomach making it so she was unable to stand up;Wanda got up going to get the door.

She whined wanting to go greet Jaxx "Nadia before you see Jaxx i just want you to promise to be gentle with him okay?" Natasha said making the girl promise who quickly nodded her head.

When she saw Jaxx he looked the same as he did before with his messy blonde hair.

Seeing him made her smile "Nadia!" he said sounding slightly different however Nadia brushed it off to the fact he had a pacifer in his mouth.

Finally Natasha let the girl go and she scrambled off of Natasha's lap going to hug the boy who was still in his mommies arms so it ended up being more of an awkward side hug,not that Nadia minded at all.

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