Chapter Thirty Six. We Are An Unusual Couple.

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"So, there is one last viewing of Wanda and Vision before we take a little break from the couple."

Wanda and Vision both smile thankfully. They like seeing the happy moments of the two of them but they both feel incredibly awkward having their entire relationship shown like this to the others. Wanda especially, she never wants her Papa and her uncle Clint to be shown every aspect of her future relationship with her boyfriend.

"This next clip is actually an edit for the first two days in the hex."

Everybody nods, that makes sense considering they'd already seen the important moments before Wanda's break down.

"It is called WandaVision 50's & 60's || Control by Avengers World SW, I also translated it for you to english"

Everyone is a little confused why it would need to be translated but nobody asks, they figured it had something to do with the other dimension and not anything to do with them.

*clip starts*

The screen lights up with a black and white road. There is a slightly creepy series of beats coming through the screen as well.

Everyone looks around a little worried.

A 50's style station wagon drives up on the road and is seen from behind, there is a just married sign, cans tied to the back and everything.

Inside the car is Wanda, wearing a wedding dress and smiling at Vision, who is wearing a tux and looking right back at her with a large smile.

Wanda and Vision share a look which makes Wanda duck her head, blushing like mad. Everyone smiles at the young couple, glad to see that they are happy. They don't wanna think about what is actually happening, it wouldn't help Wanda so they just want to focus on the positive and cute moments.

The car turns a corner in a neighborhood and a mail man is seen delivering mail and waved at the newly weds. This causes Wanda to wave back with a smile and Vision to pull his hat down over his face.

Everybody laughs, shaking their head.

Natasha though looks at Vision appraisingly, that wasn't a bad move, a little sketch but lord knows she's been in closer calls.

Next it cuts to Wanda and Vision, out of the car and sitting on a couch, they are sharing a loving kiss and Vision slowly lifts the tv remote up and clicks the button. The beat drops and this is when the edit starts to change slightly.

Song: They send me away...

A pot is boiling over on the stove as Wanda is focused on a raw chicken, with a wave of her hand and a poof of magic the chicken is now bring to a crisp causing Wanda to gasp.

Wanda: Oh no! Too much.

Song: find me a fortune, chest filled with diamonds and gold.

Wanda waves her hands again and causes another magically cloud to appear, this time the burnt chicken is rewound to create eggs in it's place.

Wanda: Oh no! Not enough!

"Um... since when have you-" Scott starts before Hope punches his arm. Shaking her head.

"I can't. At least, I can't now. In the future I have no idea." Wanda answers the cut off question, already shrinking away from everyone else's gaze on her.

She is not excited for this edit. Like yes, she wants to know and she thinks it is super cool that she and Vision get to be in a sitcom, but she knows everything is not what it seems and that she is controlling people. She quickly shuts that train of thought down. Nothing good is going to come from dwelling on something that's not going to happen in the first place.

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