Chapter Seventeen. Let Me Go.

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"I have some good news."

Everyone perks up at 03's words. They could use a mood boost right about now. Sure the edit of Wanda was really cool but it only did so much in taking their minds off of the snap.

"Everyone who was snapped, or blipped, they are not dead and they come back."

Everyone breaks out into wide grins. THANK ODIN.

"Yes, yes, yes. It is fantastic news. Unfortunately, I also have some bad news."

Everyone's mood plummets quickly.

"In getting everyone back and eventually defeating Thanos..."

Gamora and Nebula Smile. Finally, they are going to be free of their "father."

" lose two other people. For real."

Everyone looks around. Nobody can bring themselves to ask who.

Steve takes a deep breath and steels himself. He is the leader. Or was. He needs to know and everyone else does too.


Everyone is silent.

"Natasha and Tony."

Nobody speaks a word before Pepper jumps into Tony's lap, sobbing. Wanda doing the same with Nat. Everyone else is either in shock or has silent tears slipping down their face.

Nat and Tony? The first two Avengers to ever meet are going to be the first they lose permanently.

Natasha and Tony make eye contact. They both nod at one another silent tears falling from their eyes, arms full of a loved one, they aren't sad for themselves. They both accepted death a long time ago, were just putting it off as long as possible, no they are not sad for themselves, they are sad for the girls in their arms and the family surrounding them.

Natasha runs her fingers through Wanda's hair taking a deep breath and steadying herself.

"03?" Natasha calls out, causing everyone to look at her.


"I need to see it."

Cries of protest ring across the room. She should not have to watch how she dies, THEY don't want to watch it. How is she so okay with this?

"Of course Natasha."

*clip starts*

Gamora gasps causing everyone to look at her. She tells them that she was the only one who knew where the soul stone was and that it comes at a great cost. A soul for a soul. Everyone put it together that Nat sacrificed herself.

Nat was content with that. Based on her limited knowledge... this was to get her daughter and she didn't know her sister's fate, but based on her luck, it was likely to get her sister back too. She would do anything for those two. Sacrificing her life included.

Clint: Okay. You win. 

Clint smiles and knocks Natasha to the ground

Clint: Tell my family I love them. 

"ARE YOU INSANE?" Nat looks at Clint wildly.

Clint meets her gaze straight on. His little sister in everything but blood.

Clint looks at her with all the love of a brother and all the protectiveness of one too. "I know how this ends, but Tasha... do you really think I would just let that happen?"

Nat looks away first. No, she thinks, no he would not.

Natasha tackles Clint to the ground

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